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Has this HBO Max movie given the fatal push to the best restaurant in the world?

Time to work through that city trip to Copenhagen to finally book a table at Noma. Unfortunately, the best restaurant in the world will close in 2024. And according to social media, that’s all the fault of HBO Max and the satirical comedy. The menu. That is, of course, an example of conspiracy thinking. lightbut the film touches a sensitive nerve in haute cuisine.

Is he News did you miss out? René Redzepi, chef of the world-renowned restaurant, has announced that the soup is fat-free. However, there are currently only 147 restaurants in the world that can be called the proud owners of three Michelin stars, including Noma. But the extremely high quality requirements and the hard work in the kitchen that are necessary day after day to keep the chances of the coveted stars intact, have taken their toll.

And if we can take on social media, HBO Max and The menu responsible for that.

‘HBO Max and The Menu close the doors of Noma’

play in our region The menu still in theaters, but on the other side of the Atlantic, HBO Max released the film on the streaming platform two weeks ago. The plot revolves around a group of elite guests who arrive on a private island to dine at the Michelin-starred Hawthorne restaurant, run by a crazy cool chef.

Among others, Ralph Fiennes (Voldemort) and Anya Taylor-Joy (chess queen) star in this satirical horror comedy that pokes fun at expensive, upscale restaurants like Noma. And coincidentally (?) the Danish establishment is closing its doors right now.

Twitter goes crazy

In any case, there is no question on Twitter. René Redzepi must have a subscription to HBO Max. And thanks to a VPN, he has The menu seen anyway (that man has no time for movies, of course).

The timing of Noma’s announcement is suspicious to say the least.

and at least it seems The menu ironically it succeeded in its satirical design.

Either way, we’re pointing a guilty finger at HBO Max.

Although we have to admit that we can’t wait for this top series to finally appear on the platform.

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Has this HBO Max movie given the fatal push to the best restaurant in the world?

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