The 5 Best Movies That Came On HBO Max This Year

HBO Max is one of the youngest streaming services in the Netherlands. However, this service is already very popular in our country and that is not surprising given all the good content. FilmTotal has today listed the top five movies to appear on HBO Max this year.

The advantage of the streaming age is that Hollywood studios today put their movies online soon after the theatrical release. Therefore, HBO Max offers a lot of recent movies.

different heroes
Superhero fans could treat themselves this year to The Batman and Black Adam, among others. The first is a one-off project from director Matt Reeves; that second more traditional show. Both movies are very entertaining.

From thriller to biopic
Don’t Worry Darling, because of all the gossip, has to be one of the most talked about movies this year. Also, this thriller with a first-rate cast is simply a great success.

Austin Butler turned heads as Elvis in director Baz Luhrmann’s biopic of the same name. The chances are high that the actor will get an Oscar nomination for that role.

Finally, a title perhaps less well known, but one that should not go unnoticed: Kimi. This exciting film with Zoë Kravitz appears on a surprising number of favorites lists and is therefore a must see.

The 5 best movies this year on HBO Max

the batman (2022)

Director: matt reeves | To emit: Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz, Paul Dano, ea | look straight

The billionaire’s son, Bruce Wayne, began his activities as a vigilante two years ago, hoping to protect Gotham City from shadowy criminals. While investigating a corruption ring, he hunts down The Riddler, a serial killer who targets the city’s political elite. Batman is forced to make new alliances.

black adam (2022)

Director: Jaume Collet-Serra | To emit: Dwayne Johnson, Sarah Shahi, Pierce Brosnan, ea | look straight

Nearly 5,000 years ago, after being granted almighty powers by the Old Gods and promptly imprisoned in a tomb, Black Adam is freed. He is now ready to unleash his unique vision of justice on the modern world. However, not everyone agrees with his methods. That’s how he ends up on the Justice Society of America’s radar: some kind of superhero cop.

do not worry honey (2022)

Director: Olivia Wilde | To emit: Florence Pugh, Harry Styles, Chris Pine, ea | look straight

Alice lives with her husband Jack in the model town of Victory, where all the men work on a mysterious project in the desert and all the women act like tidy housewives. However, Alice slowly begins to realize that life there is mostly glamor and that something is not right. Risking her life, she tries to discover the truth.

Elvis (2022)

Director: Baz Luhrman | To emit: Austin Butler, Tom Hanks, Olivia DeJonge, ea | look straight

Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis’s former manager, remembers his collaboration with the king of rock & roll on his deathbed. When Parker first saw Elvis, a handsome boy with a pompadour, he immediately knew he was right. Together they work on advancing him. But his ultimately successful career also has many setbacks and casualties. In the final phase of his life, a series of appearances at Las Vegas hotels becomes too much for the singer.

To who (2022)

Director: Steven Soderbergh | To emit: Zoë Kravitz, Rita Wilson, Byron Bowers, ea | look straight

Angela, an agoraphobic woman, works for a company that offers a voice command service. Her job is to listen to recordings where the software didn’t understand the client. When she discovers a recording of a violent crime, she must overcome her fears to investigate the case.

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