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HBO Max reveals ‘the new Game of Thrones’ with Paradise Lost

Despite the fact that the series ended with a fiasco, it kept game of Thrones almost the whole world in its clutches. Does HBO Max announce the new lost paradise now invented a similar recipe for success?

The Amazon world of Wonder Woman in any case, it lends itself perfectly to political jousting interspersed with fantasy elements. But before mentioning the fact that superwoman isn’t immediately the most popular hero(en), the series takes place long before the birth of Diana Prince, when men even lived there.

As the new head of DC Studios, Marvel’s main competitor, James Gunn showed off his kitchen for the first time about the future of the less popular superhero universe. “There is a new television series called lost paradise about ‘Paradise Island’, also called Themyscira,” it says in the ad above. It’s like going into Westeros game of Thronesbut with all the inhabitants of the birthplace of Wonder Woman.”

Paradise Lost: Game of Thrones achterna?

in a interview i met comic James Gunn spent a bit more time describing the new fantasy series and why Themyscira’s story is so captivating.

“Is a game of Thrones-as a story about the atmosphere of Paradise Island, home of the Amazons and birthplace of Wonder Woman. And that includes the dark drama and political intrigue that takes place behind the scenes in an all-female society. Is a origin story. How did this society come about? How do your policies work and what are the rules? Who are the leaders and what power plays are they trying to get to the top with? It is currently unknown which creatives will lend their talents to the HBO Max series, or when. lost paradise will appear on the streaming platform.

John Milton vs. William Shakespeare

Does the title of the new HBO masterpiece ring a bell? In fact, the series bears the same name as 17th century John Milton bible epic poem. Not by chance. The original lost paradise tells the story of Satan unleashing a rebellion against God and being banished from heaven as a result. As revenge, he decides to wrap Adam and Eve around his finger.

Do not think that it is a boring and classic biblical story. Satan is a gifted orator who deceives Adam, Eve and the most faithful angels with mind games. There is also lost paradise enough parallels with the Themyscira of the future HBO Max series. Like heaven and the Garden of Eden in the poem, the Amazonian island is a paradise torn apart by internal political power.

By the way, he did too. game of Thrones the mustard of English literature. The war in Westeros is loosely based on the War of the Roses, the fifteenth-century English civil war to which William Shakespeare devoted much of his work. some story lines the song of ice and fire by George RR Martin appear to be directly copied John Milton’s contemporary.

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HBO Max reveals ‘the new Game of Thrones’ with Paradise Lost

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