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The best actor in ‘Game of Thrones’: the fans are divided

Although ‘Game of Thrones’ ended in 2019, fans have their take on the best player.

If you look purely at the one who finally takes the place on the Iron Throne, then it is clear who the winner is. However, this is a seat with the requisite sharp edges. So you may also wonder who are the strong players despite not sitting on the throne.

On Twitter, therefore, fans are having a blast with the players in front of, behind, and to the side of the Iron Throne.

unexpectedly successful

Here we find Samwell and Bronn. Not big dreams, but it ended up pretty high.

Samwell starts out as a scared little kid, but he works his way up using his mind and, of course, a healthy dose of guts. He heals Ser Jorah of Greyscale and pounces on a White Walker to defend Jenny. He ends up in the Citadel.

Bronn just wanted to make a little money and have fun. It can be said that she succeeded.

Didn’t survive, strong players nonetheless

Queen Margaery takes first place here:

His insight is often overlooked. Margaery starts out as Renly Baratheon’s fiancée. When he’s killed, she’s stuck with the horrible Joffrey. However, she knows how to bend him to his will and is loved by the people. Her third marriage is to Joffrey’s brother, Tommen, which allows him to further fulfill her political ambitions.

Then there is Lord Varys:

He did what he thought was right for Westeros. He works his way out of poverty, he has foresight, but unfortunately he doesn’t survive. Hopefully we’ll see him in the books again.

The North

Whichever way you look at it, Sansa is undergoing a lot of development. From a somewhat superficial girl with naive dreams, she learns to make difficult decisions. She has the interests of her people in mind.

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