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6 Of His Best Movies And Where To Stream Them

Legendary great Bruce Willis retired from acting in the spring of 2022 after being diagnosed with aphasia. This week it was revealed that his allowance has deteriorated; doctors have frontotemporal dementia. It’s time for an ode to the actor, including a wonderful role in pulp fiction.

German-American legend Bruce Willis, 67, just can’t take it anymore Act. With aphasia, a brain disorder that makes it difficult to speak and make sentences, that was already impossible. And much less with dementia. Her daughter shared the sad news on her Instagram account.

Bruce Willis was done with it anyway and even used deep fakes to avoid acting. And yet, to thank you for his services, we’re listing six of his best roles.

The best Bruce Willis movies

The actor began his career on the AMC series Moonlighting, in which he played detective David Addison. He even earned three Golden Globes and two Emmy nominations for it. But his career really took off after his role as John McCLane in die hardnumber 1 on the list of best films.

1. Die Hard

This was the breakthrough for Bruce Willis and the action movie became a hit. If John McClane, a nobody who faced international terrorists, is his most iconic role. In fact, four other movies followed (not all that great, but whatever). But the key question: is the first die hard a christmas movie We think so.

die hard can be transmitted through Disney+.

2. 12 monkeys

When you make a movie with director Terry Gilliam, you know it’s going to be absurd. The best man has too Brazil in The imaginary of doctor Parnassus made and was part of monty python-cluster. But it was Bruce Willis in particular who stood out in ScFi’s time travel thriller as a prisoner forced to go back in time and stop a cataclysmic moment. Little shout also Brad Pitt, who played a fantastic role.

12 monkeys can be transmitted through Amazon Prime Video.


If Bruce Willis quits, but we want more Willis movies (not always, btw), can we ask Joseph Gordon-Levitt? In Looper He plays the role of a younger version of Willis and does it with verve. On the other hand; no one can replace Bruce. And we can say that this was one of the last roles of his in which he really showed the back of his tongue.

Looper can be transmitted through Way home.

4. Pulp Fiction

As a retired boxer, Bruce Willis stars in this role in (arguably) director Quentin Tarantino’s best film. Not only was the actor fully in his shoes as Butch Coolidge, but he also ushered in the return of John Travolta. Memes are still legendary and we cover Willis’s scene with Ving Rhames -in which a gimp she rides – to leave out of our minds. but this reminder.

pulp fiction can be transmitted through Netflix.

5. Sixth sense

Although director M. Night Shyamalan remains a one trick pony thanks to Bruce Willis, he managed to pull two very strong movies out of his hat. First Sixth Sense, which is extremely exciting and captivating to the very end. No one imagined the actor’s character the whole time… Well, spoilers.

Sixth Sense you can stream through Way home.

6. Unbreakable

And the other is without a doubt Unbreakable, a superhero movie that is not a superhero movie. But still. The energy that Bruce Willis has with his co-star Samuel L. Jackson is unparalleled, making it one of the best superhero movies ever.

Unbreakable can be transmitted through Disney+.

If you present a list of the best movies, there are sure to be people who miss out on some classics. that’s how they are hudson hawk, The fifth element, Beavis and Butt-Head make America and to name a few more movies.

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Ode to Bruce Willis: 6 of his best movies and where to see them

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