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Director: Rohit Shetty | Script: Sanchit Bedre, Vidhi Ghodgankar, Yunus Sajawal, ea | Cast: Ranveer Singh (Roy, Roy), Varun Sharma (Joy, Joy), Pooja Hedge (Mala), Jacqueline Fernandez (Bindhu), Sanja Mishra (Raj Bahadur), Siddarth Jadhav (Momo) ea | Time to play: 139 minutes | Year: 2022

Circus makes you understand why director Rohit Shetty is nicknamed Rohit Shitty. Circus it is very stupid and tiresome, despite or precisely because it is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors. A Bollywood comedy that fires off jokes at a fast pace, but painfully rarely hits its mark. The only real good points are the colorful sets and decor, as well as the Deepika Padukone song.

This wonderfully exuberant (dance) number, Current Laga Re, in which Padukone appears in a cameo and dances with her husband Ranveer Singh, is a real party. But it’s also on YouTube. You don’t have to suffer the agony of the rest of it. Circus not suffer. The same goes for the other two songs, which are pretty but not as spectacular as Current Laga Re.

The first song, Sun Zara, is a welcome distraction from the tedious story and even more exhausting humor. As an ode to Bollywood songs from the sixties, it’s a good idea. Especially the part of the song where Ranveer Singh and Jacqueline Fernandez move through a strange green landscape is a bright spot in the dark until then. Circus It could have used a lot more songs and fewer jokes and stories.

The third and final song doesn’t make it until the end credits, and that’s too late and too little. In addition to the numbers, the design of the sets and clothing must also be praised. These are so colorful they almost hurt your eyes. Many candy stores pale in comparison. But it certainly is something unique to look at and sometimes provides a special visual moment.

At the same time, however, this also emphasizes the artificiality of the script and the setting, which therefore become even more difficult to digest. Like a bunch of candy canes shoved down your throat at the same time. This may be based on Shakespeare, but that doesn’t guarantee a good story or funny jokes.

So the source material isn’t exactly one of Shakespeare’s best-known masterpieces. The Comedy of Errors is one of Billy Shakes’s earliest plays, and one of his most unlikely. Like more of his farces, The Comedy of Errors revolves around mistaken identity and all the mischief that comes with it. In this case, two identical twins who were separated at birth and grew up as two pairs of siblings with the same name in different cities. When they first appear in the same place after thirty years without even realizing it, it causes a lot of confusion and hilariously pointed but never funny misunderstandings.

Circus It is already the eleventh Indian film adaptation of The Comedy of Errors, but only the third in Hindi. The fact of the brothers separated at birth is, therefore, a classic of Indian cinema. And this story has four for the price of two! In Circus It is added that the main characters Roy and Roy have a special connection. A Roy can touch electrical wires without receiving an electric shock. The other Roy feels that at the same time.

This is, of course, fodder for a whole host of slapstick, with Ranveer Singh in his lead double role being allowed to run amok with scheming, playing muscle hard in one role and shaking and shaking excessively from electric shocks in the another paper. . However, it will never be fun. Neither is the verbal abuse of supporting actor Sanjay Mishra, who tries to smear even more than Singh.

In that area, however, they are both outclassed by the goofy Siddarth Jadhav, who is literally and figuratively shocked by Roy every time. His line “Surprise yourself, man!” It’s still a fun way to swear the first time and still avoid Indian censorship, because you know exactly what he’s really saying (and that would never be because of that censorship). But by the eighth time, the shine is gone.

The confusion and misunderstandings caused by the four siblings, both named Roy and Joy, upsetting each other’s lives without knowing of the other’s existence, never get the slightest bit of fun. However, they always remain predictable. Rohit Shetty pours a lot of sugar on top and exaggerated visual and sound effects. Sometimes everything speeds up, a la Benny Hill. Why? Why not? A very sweet excess of caramel with an unpleasant aftertaste.

Circus can be seen in Netflix.

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