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Comedian Theo Maassen interviews celebrities on the ‘Experience For Beginners’ podcast

The experience does not come to you. So it’s interesting to see how people got started in their field. Comedian and actor Theo Maassen speaks on his podcast Beginner experience with all kinds of people about what they have learned in their careers.

Teo Maass

Maassen himself started in 1993 with his first shows. Certain things in fuck the system. Outside Certain things Immediately there was also a skit that still haunts Maassen, the hilarious ‘Mengvoeders United’ speech.

Jeroen van Merwijk

The podcast series begins, like so many podcasts, at the start of the first lockdown in 2020.

Therefore, the first interviews are via zoom. An interview immediately becomes legendary: that of the comedian Jeroen van Merwijk.

Jeroen van Merwijk died in 2021 of metastatic colon cancer. The cabaret artist, painter, poet and composer suffered from metastatic colon cancer.

The best thing about this conversation is that Van Merwijk has been wonderfully contradictory in his life. You can see this in his shows and songs, but it’s also clear behind the scenes.

Lillian Marijnissen

Another special interview is with Lilian Marijnissen (1985). She was first known as the “daughter of” former SP leader Jan Marijnissen, now party leader of that party.

A refreshing interview in which Marijnissen talks about her beginnings in politics, the coincidence that she became a politician or representative of the people, as Marijnissen prefers to call it.

Marijnissen never goes anywhere unprepared.

“I have to find ways to control my nerves. Preparation is very important to me.” she says.

When it comes to new rules regarding ambulances, Marijnisse goes with the ambulance for a day to prepare to learn how it works. Being among the people.

“In the room they have no idea which people do that job, what they’re talking about, what keeps them busy.

jacob derwig

Another beautiful episode is that of Jacob Derwig. The actor, known for series like painin in therapy. She also acted in movies like public works (2015) in Emphasis (2023).

What makes one actor better than another? What is the secret to something really good? Even Jacob Derwig doesn’t have all the answers. But this makes for an intriguing conversation.

wende snijders

Wende Snijders is a singer. With ten studio albums to her name, many French songs, but also work in English and Dutch, Wende Snijders is best known for her interpretation of man dares to live.

podcast Beginner experience can be heard on Spotify and on your favorite podcast app.

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