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Discover the eight incredible times that ‘Agents of SHIELD’ was introduced before the MCU

Before the dark book had an impact on the MCU, it made its appearance in Agents of SHIELD.

shield agents built a strong fan base through the use of risky stories, concepts, and characters before the Marvel Cinematic Universe did.

8. Body Snatchers

Out of the Skrulls secret invasion they were not the first to try to secretly take over the world through “body snatching” or using bodies as disguises.

shield agents was the first here with the introduction of Life Model Decoys (LMDs).

LMDs were originally designed to protect SHIELD agents, but the artificial intelligence AIDA had plans of its own.

With a new sense of self, AIDA replaced characters like Agent May with LMD, and discovered that her technology allowed her to infiltrate the team from the inside.

7. Time travel

The Marvel Cinematic Universe had resorted to Avengers Endgame away from time travel.

Jumping into the timeline to collect Infinity Stones and create a new Gauntlet set off a massive chain reaction.

Suddenly there was a series like Loki er, to explore the consequences of irresponsible time travel.

6. The multiverse

With the introduction of time travel, Marvel introduced different timelines and with it the Multiverse.

Loki he came up with the idea of ​​character variants, and movies like Spider-Man: No Way Home in Doctor strange in the multiverse of madness he developed those ideas further.

SHIELD agents had a similar consequence of their own time travel adventures. Multiple timelines were apparently created, resulting in different universes.

For example, a future where the Kree were in control was only one possible universe the team found themselves in.

Another story involved an artificially created reality, where the aforementioned artificial intelligence AIDA posed as Madame Hydra, sparking existential debates about whether this world was another part of the multiverse.

5. Impartial Alien Observers

wonderfully And if…? introduced Uatu The Watcher: a powerful alien character who witnessed the history of a million universes happening at the same time.

The Watchers were introduced into Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2, and they were meant to be impartial. However, Uatu broke this rule to help.

Of eternal he followed a similar path, charged with never getting involved in major events in the timeline.

shield agents introduced Enoch, a Chronicom who had been watching humanity for thousands of years disguised as one of them.

He did this to document his history, but he became especially fond of SHIELD agents.

In the end, he helped them fight his own kind, losing whatever neutrality he might have had left in the process. He was completely on his side.

4. Inhuman

The Inhumans have only had a minor impact on the MCU so far, mostly on the soon-to-be-forgotten series. inhumanbut they are there anyway.

In Doctor strange in the multiverse of madness viewers are introduced to the king of the Inhumans, Black Bolt (Anson Mount), who made his big screen debut.

Other known Inhumans, such as mrs wonder (Iman Velani), were recently introduced to the MCU as well, but as a way to get rid of mutants and X Men easier to enter later.

Introducing the Inhumans into shield agents not unlike the approach the MCU is now taking with mutants.

The show highlighted these hidden genes among a segment of humanity and even rewrote the history of key characters like Daisy Johnson/Quake (Chloe Bennet) as Inhumans.

This story led to the spin-off show. inhumanwhich unfortunately did not attract fans and was eventually canceled again after one season.

3. The Dark Fort

The Darkhold represented one of the most sinister turns in the MCU to date.

Wanda Vision he started Scarlet Witch’s long-standing corruption by finding the book among Agatha Harkness’ belongings.

This would continue on multiverse of madnesswhere the book would lead to the evil transformation and eventual downfall of Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen).

But before the dark book made an impact in the MCU, it made its appearance. shield agents.

Although the look was different, it ushered in an era of supernatural storytelling for the series, which included Robbie Reyes. Ghost Rider.

The team was deeply affected by the book’s corrupting influence and had to deal with its dark consequences.

2. Change the intro

Wanda Vision it was hailed as a breath of fresh air for the MCU.

The series jumped between different eras in sitcom history and the introduction changed with the times. The logo and theme music set the tone for each episode.

shield agents it had already set the standard in terms of logo changes. Although the series started with a logo that stayed the same for a long time, the series began to experiment.

Larger events, such as the Hydra takeover, resulted in the Hydra logo replacing SHIELD’s.

As the seasons progressed, the logo continued to evolve, with alien sci-fi variants, fonts based on specific eras, and a flaming Ghost Rider twist.

The logo gave each episode a hint of what was about to happen.

1. Superfan even becomes a superhero

A superhero fan becoming a hero is an old trick the MCU has decided to play.

We’ve also seen this a few times in the MCU: mrs wonder always was the biggest fan of captain marvel (Brie Larson) and was excited to develop her own powers, imitating her idol.

Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) was already a huge fan of Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) before she was trained by the Avenger herself.

In shield agents Daisy Johnson went through a similar development and eventually became the hero Quake.

But the rise of Coulson (Clark Gregg) is perhaps the most notable. We know Coulson in the Avengers as a big fan of Captain America.

In Agents of SHIELD, he finally became a superhero himself, complete with a holographic shield.

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