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Groenteman and Van Roosmalen: ‘We descend from our elitist ivory towers to the people at SBS 6’ | show

Gijs Groenteman and Marcel van Roosmalen have responded with their well-known (self)mockery to the news that they can be seen on SBS in June. Friend and enemy surprised this Thursday with the ‘temporary transfer’ of the presentation duo that the men of inside today follow-up for one month.

“I really don’t care what people think about it. I like to look at a different kitchen for once,” Van Roosmalen says on his daily podcast. Another day. From June 5, the two four weeks can be seen from Monday to Friday with the ‘pop-up show’ Marcel and Gijs. “We descend from our elitist ivory towers to the people of SBS 6 and do a sniffing internship there.”

Groenteman (49) and Van Roosmalen (55) have been working for BNNVara since January 2021 media insidequite salient a parody of inside today, the program they follow now. The reaction of BNNVARA, who gave permission for the adventure, was great, Van Roosmalen ironically. Director Suzanne Kunzeler wasn’t thrilled at first, but she finally said, ‘Let them go on a social internship. Take off that elitism and take that experience with you. We can benefit from that.’ You can see the difference immediately. At the sparse NPO tables. At John de Mol bags of chips, candy, cheese sticks as far as he can see. We at BNNVARA don’t know at all how ordinary people eat and talk and we can tell them below.”

no higher math

At the same time, the men are convinced that they also have something to offer channel El 6. “I am going to cheer up ordinary people with my elitist self. I will take everything elitist that I have inside and I will throw it on the people”, Groenteman raves. “It’s not rocket science. I have yesterday inside today I look. So I think: very good program, but we should be able to get close to that”, adds Van Roosmalen.

Is money your motivation? “Amounts are being transferred. I’m not exactly sure how many zeros. But suppose it is a lot. But I am not going to drive a sports car, at most a Tesla ”, jokes Van Roosmalen, who does not even have a driver’s license. “I can see it like this: you are going to approach that expert. I sit there, collapsed. And then we’re going to discuss the news with the two of us. I think it will be a very nice cocktail.”

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