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‘Immediately didn’t feel right’

american foot24 years after the 1999 film, actress Shannon Elizabeth, who plays the iconic character Nadia, reveals a detail that shattered her scenes. We’re not talking about her low wages, but her modified accent. “I warned my friends at the time and advised them not to watch the movie.”

Elizabeth was invited to Inside You with Michael Rosenbaum. On the podcast he pulled several old cows out of the ditch, ensuring you never look and hear the same thing. american foot.

Nadia’s accent in American Pie

Shannon Elizabeth, then 26, stars in american foot high school student Nadia, a woman whose adolescences of yesteryear still awaken. Even then, teenagers were already being played by people in their twenties, just like in Strange things in Sex educationbut we stray

Nadia is a character of Czech origin, so Elizabeth was expected to play with an accent. “I worked very hard for the film with a language and dialect coach,” she says. Inside You with Michael Rosenbaum. “But then the sound team from american foot all adapted with ADR.”

ADR stands for Automated Dialog Replacement. This is usually implemented by filmmakers when directors feel they need additional or modified dialogue on top of what has been shot. In short: a voiceover as a complement to a complete scene.

‘Criticism of the accent after ADR’

“Immediately it didn’t feel right that Nadia’s accent was manipulated so much,” Elizabeth continues. “Finally my scenes are in american foot therefore destroyed. I warned my friends not to look.”

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Nadia in Jim’s room (Image: Universal Images)

After the premiere, the film press did criticize Nadia’s accent, of course directed at the actress and not at the sound team. “A lot of people said my accent was terrible and I was like, ‘Yeah, because they messed with that.’ They wouldn’t let me do what I wanted to do.’”

The sequel

The actress also says that she only received a few thousand dollars for her role as Nadia. “Part 1 of american foot if I had done it for free, it would be my first major role. But I initially refused part 2, until I finally got the amount I demanded.”

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“After the #MeToo era, this could not have been done” (Image: Universal Images)

About the spicy scene in american foot, in which she strips naked in front of Jim’s (Jason Biggs) webcam, is simple and down-to-earth. “If this had been filmed after the #MeToo movement, there would definitely have been a problem. It would be handled very differently now. But hey, different times, ”she concludes.

American Pie is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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