25 years of DDLJ: Feel old yet?

DDLJ is one of the iconic films of the 90s that has reached its Silver Jubilee

25 years of DDLJ

DDLJ is one of the iconic films of the 90s that has reached its Silver Jubilee. The movie was screened by Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol. Romance on screen cannot be replaced by anyone but our very own Shah Rukh. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge is one of the best romance movies ever made in the journey of Bollywood and will remain the iconic movie for a lifetime.

Despite the generation gap DDLJ is and will be decadence in the eyes of the viewers. Guess what !? Shah Rukh never accepted this offer in the first go. What? YES!! 

It took Aditya Chopra a lot of running back and forth to convince the romance star to accept this offer of acting in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge famously and with love called DDLJ. ShaH Rykh until then didn’t admire the concept of acting in romantic movies, little did he know that it would tune his entire life into something so magnificent and he would eventually become the greatest star of romance in the Indian Film Industry. 

Mehandi laga ke rakhna song
Mehandi laga ke rakhna song

DDLJ Fun Facts

DDLJ and no one expected the amount of success the movie received, though it might have seemed that the entire process of making the actors act in this movie easily. Nope! It wasn’t a cake wake! It was a whole lot of confusion. Looks like the king of the Indian cinema wasn’t very sure about his appearance in the romantic genre in his middle age, though he is smoking handsome even now.

Shah Rukh and Kajol are the dearest of friends and we love them on screen and everywhere. But the idea of both of them in a steamy act in DDLJ got them into tears of laughter and couldn’t control the irony of two dear – dear friends in a scene of intimacy and eventually turned into a funny act of drama in the sets of DDLJ. 

Watching steamy scenes on-screen seems very intimidating to the viewers but having a look inside the sets would give the viewers a whole lot of perspective, isn’t it?!

DDLJ was written in hardly a month. The director who then was a debutant director had everything sorted and clear in his mind and made the entirety of the process of the movie smooth with the script. Aditya Chopra stood sturdy to his plans of taking forth the movie though he had many experienced people in his sets for opinions and has guides, he was stubborn in his grounds. That’s what gave the entire DDLJ an unexpected success and popularity.

This movie was a turning point in even Karan Johar’s directorial experience and training. As he says that he never had and formal Film School experience, these sets were the reason for his ideas as a director in the Indian industry.

Mehendi Lagake Rakhna was a song that was originally composed for no films per se but wasn’t handmade for DDLJ, but who knew that Mehendi Lagake Rakhna would be the most iconic songs of Bollywood and not just that, it was played all along with the weddings in every season. The most popular song, the first choice for any wedding DJ.  Tell in the comment below if you would ever play Mehendi Lagake Rakhna at your wedding. (While typing the comment I know you are singing the song too aren’t)

Don’t be shocked but remember the scene where Amrish Puri and Shah Rukh Khan feeding the pigeons were spontaneous. It is true, the things that come unplanned are more surprising and have a magnificent impact than things that are planned. 

Today is the day of nostalgia, take your time out from all the hectic work from home, give yourself that break that you deserve and watch the movie DDLJ and come back to us and tell us how your day was.

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