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Jeremy Clarkson Returns With Hit Series Despite Amazon Prime Layoff

Jeremy Clarkson, a useful companion and a farm. That’s the simple recipe that Amazon Prime achieved great success with last year. Tomorrow the second, and also the penultimate season of Clarkson’s Farm.

With his exuberant character, 62-year-old Jeremy Clarkson is highly entertaining to watch. Especially if he’s not good at something, like running a farm. A job that demands the most from the elephant in a china shop.

Clarkson’s farm season 2

Last year, Jeremy Clarkson traded in his lavish lifestyle for life on the farm. He still drives a Lamborghini, though it’s a crude tractor now. Yes, Lamborghini is originally a tractor manufacturer.

Jeremy Clarkson's Farm Seizoen 2 Amazon Prime
Farm hand Kaleb Cooper in front of the oversized Lamborghini tractor. (Image: Amazon Studios)

Although there is a script involved in the show, it is not true that Jeremy Clarkson only appears occasionally on ‘the set’. The farm is actually owned by the presenter, he works there day and night and his house is also on the land.

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A gigantic country. In total, it covers more than 400 hectares. A serious farm. Not surprisingly, the land was first maintained by a professional farmer. When that farmer gave up, Clarkson and Amazon Prime came up with the program.

The series is not as shallow as the description might suggest. In a humorous yet delicate way, Clarkson and her farmer Kaleb Cooper capture what life on the farm is really like.

Jeremy Clarkson's Farm Seizoen 2 Amazon Prime
(Image: Amazon Studios)

As if farm work per se It’s not heavy enough, as a farmer you also have to deal with bureaucratic governments, unpredictable weather and pests. After a year of hard work last season, just £144 remained at the bottom of the line.

TO reality check for the presenter, who reflects deeply. “What the hell are farmers supposed to do? Farmers who don’t have an Amazon Prime film crew around them. The farmers who don’t Who wants to be a millionairesalary to supplement income.

In the second season, Jeremy Clarkson tries again to make his farm a success. This season, for example, he wants to have cows and run a restaurant. What could go wrong? We also see how he drives a stunning supercar as a farmer. British Agricultural Awards visit and hint trailer again about a lot of hassle with local authorities. That will be nice. At least for the viewer.

Amazon Prime is done with Jeremy Clarkson

Unfortunately for fans, the second season is the penultimate season of Clarkson’s Farm. As fun as the uninhibited character usually is, it can also work against you. This got him into the role of him like 2015. top teamBBC presenter.

Unfortunately, this now also means the end of its features on Amazon Prime. At the BBC, an argument that got out of hand was the reason for breaking the contract, at Amazon Prime it was a grove column about Meghan Markle. In it, Clarkson wrote that she “hated” Prince Harry’s wife.

This comment fell the wrong way with many readers. The presenter realized his mistake. A lengthy and seemingly well-intentioned apology in the media, however, made no difference. Amazon Prime would no longer want to work with Jeremy Clarkson after the taped and already planned seasons.

That means it will stop after the planned third season. So enjoy it for a while. The second season will be available on Amazon Prime starting February 10. Haven’t seen the trailer yet? Then check it out below.

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Fighting, supercars and cows: the hit series Jeremy Clarkson returns to Amazon Prime

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