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Jochem Myjer puts the new playlist program online, the website is available again | show

UpdateJochem Myjer’s website was unavailable shortly after 1pm on Friday afternoon, after the comedian posted his new playlist for the upcoming season. A spokesman for businessman De Keet confirms that this is due to the “large number of people who tried to access the website”. The website can now be accessed again.

De Keet had already accounted for a large influx following the publication of the list. “We had deployed additional servers, but had not anticipated this demand,” a spokesperson said today. In the meantime, technical interventions have been made to prevent the website from being blocked again.

The 46-year-old comedian hasn’t been seen in the theater for the past five years. He posted the playlist for the next season’s tryouts on Friday afternoon. These are 65 functions for which several tens of thousands of inputs are available. Myjer plays his show Like twice a week between September and June.

Ticket sales for the performances will begin on June 30 at 1 pm Sales are largely done through the Djebber platform. As a result, digital cards cannot be resold. Djebber is also prepared for a stampede of letters, says a spokesman for businessman De Keet.

The 2023-2024 playlist basically consists of tests. It is not yet known when the premiere of the show will take place. Myjer will continue touring with her show in the 2024-2025 season.

First performance

It is Myjer’s first performance since his acclaimed show. A little in, a little out, who played between 2016 and 2019. The theme of the new performance will be ‘together’, Myjer said earlier in an interview. “There is a great polarization in society. While together you are always stronger than alone. I also saw that in society during the corona time. You read all the bad things in the newspapers. But at a very small level, everyone was buying groceries for the neighbor.”

Myjer underwent high-risk surgery in 2011 after a tumor was discovered on his spinal cord. Since then she has less energy and has to manage her time more consciously. That’s why he only plays twice a week.

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