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Johnny Depp is almost unrecognizable in comeback movie

After a painful lawsuit, an album and always well-filled tabloids, it’s time for the big one. go back by Johnny Deep. The 59-year-old actor stars in the grand opening of this year’s Cannes Film Festival after three years without films. He meets Jeanne du Barry.

Johnny Depp is back. After giving Amber Heard a kick on her latest album last year, the 59-year-old actor puts down his guitar to hit the red carpet again. Three years after his role as war photographer W. Eugene Smith in the darker but surprisingly strong minamatareturn to the big screen.

Jeanne du Barry: Johnny Depp is back

Last year we already received the first image Joan of Barry to see. The dramatic film in which the pirates of the CaribbeanThe actor is going to make his big comeback. In it, Depp plays none other than King Louis XV.

The French-language film tells the story of Jeanne du Barry, a mistress of the king. Where du Barry first lived in abject poverty, her romance transformed her from working-class woman to courtesan and Louis’s favorite companion. Much to the chagrin of the gossip court.

cannes film festival

Good fodder for a dramatic movie, and we’ll find out pretty soon if that really makes for a superior movie. Joan of Barry will premiere during the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, which will take place on May 16 of this year. In fact, the big go back by Johnny Depp is the opening of the film festival.

That news grabs the studio behind Joan of Barry smart to release a full first trailer. In other words, the first moving pictures of Depp as King Louis XV. We also see French actress Maïwenn Le Besco as the king’s mistress. Interesting detail: she is also the director of the film. Keen moviegoers may remember her as opera singer Plavalagunaoutside The fifth element.

Empty Pipe Wikipedia

Is becoming Joan of Barry Johnny Depp’s big comeback? That is doubtful. Regardless of how the criticism turns out, the fact remains that the actor has no other movies planned, that we know of. So he got another chance in France, but for now the big Hollywood studios have ignored him since the soap opera with Amber Heard.

The question is whether Depp likes that. The movie star, musician and fragrance promoter has left Los Angeles for the British countryside, where tabloids say he even wants to go to a local pub. buy and manage. Oh, you have to do something. On a possible Dutch release of Joan of Barry nothing is known yet. Distributors usually make their move during these kinds of film festivals, but given the controversy surrounding Depp, the question is how eager they’ll be.

Johnny Depp kicks Amber Heard on new album

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Behold: Johnny Depp Is Nearly Unrecognizable In Comeback Movie

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