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Kim Kardashian ‘half a billion richer’ in one fell swoop thanks to fashion brand, which means a lot to a customer | instagram

Reality star and leading businesswoman Kim Kardashian (42) has found great success with her fashion brand Skims. Thanks to new investments, she is now worth 4 billion dollars (more than 3.5 billion euros). Thus, the billionaire’s wealth will increase by about $500 million in one fell swoop, it is estimated. Forbes. His clothes, meanwhile, seem to come in handy in extreme situations.

“Not bad for a girl with no talent,” Kim Kardashian previously referred to what people often say about her. She may be known as famous for being famous, but she’s been a successful businesswoman for years. When she officially became a billionaire in 2021, it was mostly thanks to her cosmetics brand KKW Beauty (now SKKN by Kim). Now about three-quarters of her wealth comes from Skims, according to the business magazine. Forbes.

Initially, that brand revolved around flattering corrective underwear, but when people didn’t need it during the time of coronavirus, Kim came up with comfortable loungewear. Now there are also underwear, promoted by one big star after another. Skims, which has only been around for four years, recently raised more than €240 million in new investment, he writes. The New York Times. The company is now worth 3.5 billion euros.

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The estimated net worth of Kardashian, who reportedly owns a third of the company, comes with it, according to the well-earned Forbes to more than 1,500 million euros, half a billion more than before the new investments. And Kim is far from done with Skims. The first men’s clothing hits the market this fall, and Kardashian embarks on an adventure beyond the Internet.

Eye-catching, because it’s the place where Kardashian has success like no other: With 362 million followers on Instagram alone, she has the dream advertising channel for her own products at her fingertips. Not surprisingly, his half-sister, Kylie Jenner, called his followers fans and clients at the same time. According to the brand, about 70 percent of Skims’ customers are millennials or part of Generation Z, primarily the Instagram and TikTok generations.

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The hope is that fans will also show up when Kim opens brick-and-mortar stores in New York and Los Angeles next year. The turnover should already amount to almost 700 million euros this year, according to the CEO, after 446 million euros in 2022. A lot of money, but Kim’s clothes can save your life.


Angelina Wiley, 22, recently claimed in a video on TikTok that Skims’s girdles saved her after she was shot multiple times in a shooting in Kansas City. Her clothing was so tight that pressure remained on her wounds, which would have made her less likely to lose blood, for example, she wrote. Los Angeles Times. It sounds like a stretch, but according to medical expert Richard Doyle, the pressure on a gunshot wound does matter and it’s conceivable that Skims may have helped, he writes. Forbes.

Kim, who also makes a lot of money working for television and promoting other brands like Dolce & Gabbana, has previously launched his own investment firm for media companies, for example. His money includes a whole collection of cars and real estate; Kardashian owns at least six properties.

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