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Netflix presents new Bird Box movie and goes after The Walking Dead

bird box it’s back! netflix has Bird box Barcelona presented, a spin-off in Spanish. Without Sandra Bullock.

Don’t be alarmed, but it’s been over four years since that. bird box It came out on Netflix. The reviews weren’t sweet at the time, but Sandra Bullock and co. do not bother yourself. The horror movie quickly became a mega hit. In fact, bird box It was long the biggest movie on Netflix.

Bird box Barcelona

It wasn’t until 2021 that another Original was removed bird box to overthrow the throne. don’t look up in red notice beat the movie in 2021, with which bird box is now officially the third best Netflix movie of all time. It’s still an achievement to say the least. But hey, forget those statistics, because there are more bird box yearn!

The streaming service has just revealed a trailer and release date for an unexpected spinoff: Bird box Barcelona. Yes, Netflix is ​​once again leveraging its global production hubs to push a major foreign-language spinoff franchise. In Barcelona we don’t follow Bullock trying to protect his children from monsters that kill anyone who looks at them, but we go to Spain. Therefore, the approach is simple: what happened in Europe during the events of the original bird box-movie?

Netflix releases trailer

The first announcement trailer for Bird box Barcelona It mostly shows footage from the first movie, but luckily patient fans can also enjoy a preview of the new spin-off. However, what is especially good news is the fact that Netflix has already revealed that Bird box Barcelona hits the streaming service starting July 14. Already in two months, the start of the summer blockbuster season.


Going back to the trailer: this time we don’t seem to be following a family, but a businessman named Sebastien. Also, we mainly got to see one city, Barcelona. A great contrast to the forests and small towns around. bird box. Hopefully the new approach will provide a new experience, instead of repeating the same trick. The direction and the script are in the hands of Alex and David Poster, two Spanish filmmakers who previously produced the thriller for Netflix. the occupant delivered. A movie with a 6.4 on IMDb in 61 percent on Rotten Tomatoes he was not a great aviator.

Netflix presents new Bird Box movie and goes after The Walking Dead
Bird box Barcelona (Picture: Netflix)

the walking dead

Netflix certainly will The Walking Dead in mind, a franchise that will also unleash a spate of spin-offs based on a simple concept. A lucrative way to retain subscribers longer. especially now Strange things Coming to a close, Netflix needs its own megafranchises more than ever.

A problem that hardly has a Disney +, for example, thanks to decades of franchises like Marvel and Star Wars. Can bird box become the same kind of evergreen? We will know on July 14. Whats Next? Bird Box Berlin? Amsterdam bird box? Bird Box Tokyo?

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Netflix presents new Bird Box movie and goes after The Walking Dead

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