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Netflix will premiere 16 new series this week, including the controversial ‘Arnold’

This week is a lot of fun with human interest and high profile documentaries on Netflix.

Below is the weekly roundup with the top three series highlighted, including a trailer.

It appears in: June 7th
Gender: Documentary / Biography
To see in Netflix

Synopsis: This intimate docuseries follows the life and multifaceted career of Arnold Schwarzenegger, from champion bodybuilder to Hollywood star to politician.

riverdale (season 7 – episode 11)

It appears in: 8 of June
Gender: Crime / Drama / Mystery
To see in Netflix

Synopsis: As he discovers the difficulties of romance, school, and family, Archie and his gang become entangled in the dark mysteries of Riverdale.

It appears in: 8 of June
Gender: Documentary / Sports
To see in Netflix

Synopsis: This series follows seven teams of cyclists over high peaks and deep valleys as they compete in 2022 in the world’s most grueling cycling race.

Other new series on Netflix

Below are the other series appearing on Netflix this week.

5th June: barracuda queens (Season 1) – Crime/Drama/Thriller – A group of young women in a wealthy suburb of Stockholm fall into deep debt and decide to rob the neighbors’ houses. Inspired by real events.

5th June: vinland saga (Season 2 – Episode 22) – Animation/Action/Adventure – Thorfinn sets out on a quest to find his father’s killer to take revenge and duel him and end his life in an attempt to be an honorable warrior and honor his father.

June 7th: Love is blind Brazil (Season 3) – Reality TV / Romance – The dating experiment comes to Brazil, where local singles search for true love and get engaged, without first meeting the other person.

June 7th: doctor cha (season 1 – episode 7-8) – Drama – Twenty years after leaving the world of medicine, a housewife returns to the profession. She must find her place in a job full of surprises.

June 7 and 8: the good bad mother (season 1 – episode 13-14) – Comedy/Crime/Drama – An ambitious prosecutor is left with the mental faculties of a boy after a tragic accident, forcing him and his mother to try to repair their relationship.

June 7th: The Ultimatum: Queer Love (Season 1 – Episode 9-10) – Reality TV – Female and non-binary couples are followed for eight weeks as they prepare for an ultimatum: one person is ready to marry, the other is not.

8 of June: I have never (season 4) – Comedy/Drama – After a traumatic year, an Indian-American teenager wants to become popular. But friends, family and feelings don’t make it easy for her.

June 9: the playing card (seizoen 1) – The playing card – A playing card left at a crime scene connects a series of murders in this docuseries about a notorious serial killer who terrorized Spain in 2003.

June 9: hounds (Season 1) – Action/Crime/Drama – Two young boxers and a good-natured loan shark suddenly team up to take down a ruthless loan shark who preys on people in serious financial trouble.

June 9: Human Resources (Season 2) – Animation/Comedy/Romance – In this spin-off of Big Mouth Lovebugs, hormone monsters, and a variety of other creatures deal with romance, workplace drama, and their human clients.

June 9: This world can’t bring me down (Season 1) – Animation/Comedy/Drama – When an old friend returns to the neighborhood where he grew up, Zerocalcare wants to help him find his place in the world. But are you making the right decision?

June 9: Tex-Mex Engines (Season 1) – Reality TV – In this vibrant series, old barrels become gems in the hands of these professionals who bring cars from Mexico to El Paso for a radical restoration.

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