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Netflix arrives this week with 13 new series including the exciting ‘The Flash’

Netflix is ​​going big again this week, this time with a heavy emphasis on international series.

Below is the weekly roundup with the top three series highlighted, including a trailer.

It appears in: March 29
Gender: Dramatic comedy
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Synopsis: Liv’s health is deteriorating rapidly. She is at a turning point in life and is forced to take drastic measures.

It appears in: March 30th
Gender: Crime / Drama / Mystery
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The flash (season 9 – episode 7)

It appears in: March 30th
Gender: Action / Adventure / Drama
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Synopsis: After being struck by lightning, Barry Allen wakes up from his coma to find that he now possesses the gift of super-fast speed. He becomes the Flash and fights crime in Central City.

Other new series on Netflix

Below are the other series appearing on Netflix this week.

March 27th: vinland saga (Season 2 – Episode 12) – Animation/Action/Adventure – Thorfinn sets out on a quest to find his father’s killer to take revenge and duel him and end his life in an attempt to be an honorable warrior and honor his father.

March 29: emergency new york (Season 1) – Documentary – This gripping documentary series follows medical professionals in New York City as they try to balance the intensity of their work with their personal lives.

March 29: Invisible (Season 1) – Crime/Drama/Thriller – The once invisible woman has all eyes on her. She used to be the cleaning lady that got little attention. Is she really the perfect person to commit a heinous act and leave no trace?

March 30th: Big mack gangster and gold (Season 1) – Documentary – A man is innocently convicted of a robbery and spends six years in prison. Decades later, he is suspected again.

March 30th: From me to you: Kimi ni Todoke (Season 1) – Comedy/Drama/Romance – Due to her gloomy demeanor, Sawako has trouble adjusting. However, when an outgoing classmate approaches her, her life takes a turn for the better.

March 30th: Unstable (Season 1) – Comedy – A son is forced to join the biological research company of his father, an extremely eccentric and exotic man, in order to save him from disaster.

March 31st: copycat killer (Season 1) – Crime/Drama/Thriller – A serial killer takes advantage of the interest in his murders in the media. He manipulates the victims, the police and the media and turns the murders into a true media spectacle.

March 31st: Love is blind (Season 4 – Episode 6-8) – Reality TV / Romance – Single people who want to be loved for who they are rather than how they look decide to engage in an unconventional approach to modern dating.

April 1st: Heaven and Hell: Soul Swap (Season 1) – Crime – Ayako Mochizuki is investigating a murder case. After all the evidence found, Haruto Hidaka is the prime suspect for her.

April 2: the sailor of war (Season 1 – Episode 10) – Drama/War – Sailor Alfred finds himself in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean when World War II breaks out. Suddenly, the sailors find themselves on the front lines of the war, unarmed.

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