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New war movie with Rocky star is one of those B movies that looks great

meet go out fighting, a war movie that is unfortunately the result of a Hollywood formula that we know all too well. However, with the right expectations, you don’t have to decisive factor be.

Last week an acclaimed Dutch war film appeared on YouTube. Completely free. Did that Zeeland story make you want more? Then you can also contact Grenzeloos Verraad and Het Verloren Transport within the Dutch borders.

Come Out Fighting: Return to World War II

However, even abroad, they don’t sit still when it comes to war movies. We recently shared the latest trailer for a fierce film project by Guy Ritchie and Jake Gyllenhaal about the fight against the Taliban. For fans of the genre more interested in WWII, there’s now another war movie to look forward to: go out fighting. An affair with, among others, Dolph Lundgren (rocky IV) which will be released digitally on May 19.

The address of go out fighting It is owned by Steven Luke (operation sea lion). It tells the story of a small specialized group of African-American soldiers from the United States Army, who are sent behind enemy lines on an unofficial rescue mission. His goal? Locate the missing commander and bring him back safe and sound.

After breaking through the German defenses, things go horribly wrong. They come across a crashed US Army pilot and face more opposition than they bargained for. With the help of the 761st Tank Battalion, the team must find a way to survive and return in one piece. In addition to Lundgren, the cast includes Michael Jai White, Tyrese Gibson, Kellan Lutz, and Hiram A. Murphy.

unfortunately a family story

Let’s be clear right away: the possibility that go out fighting the new Saving Private Ryan is simply null. The latest trailer for the war movie is certainly spectacular, but it also hints that it will be a typical B-movie. Everything seems small and cheap. That doesn’t have to be a deal breaker, far from it, many B-movies are extremely entertaining, but don’t expect Oscar material. The fact that the movie is also being released digitally almost immediately instead of a big theatrical release isn’t a good sign either.

He Steven Luke’s IMDb Profile It’s also significant: It continually delivers B-movies with B-stars on the bills, which also invariably score poorly on IMDb. The movie operation sea lion of last year is a good example of this: Dolph Lundgren and Frank Grillo, who approved their major are, on the poster, and the score. A 3.3 on IMDb. It’s a trick that, sadly, Bruce Willis has also lucratively lent in recent years.

Pointless war movie snack?

But still, but still: if you know what you’re getting into, these kinds of war movies can provide a wonderful night of mindless movie fun. Action, a compelling adventure and great acting. Not all movies have to be new. The Godfather become. Fancy a sensational war adventure? So you can from May 19. go out fighting digital through video on demand To note.

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WWII war movie Come out Fighting
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New War Movie Starring Rocky Is A B-Movie That Looks Great

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