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Netflix Now Has Two Best War Movies (And 8 Other Best Movies)

Netflix ended last month dropping no fewer than 138 movies. From totally dark and mediocre action movies to some of the best movies of all time. Fortunately, the streaming service also kicked off July right away with some nice compensation. Including fantastic war movies.

New Top Movies on Netflix

You can now stream ten very strong new titles on Netflix. Including two of the best war movies of the last thirty years. Add to that a number of blockbusters you’re told, and you’ve got enough viewing material to keep you going. Every killer not stuffed, You could almost say, depending on whether you can tolerate Abba…


With an 8.2 on IMDb and 88 percent on Rotten Tomatoes from both reviewers and general audiences, 1917 One of the best war movies of recent years. Bond director Sam Mendes tells the story of Schofield and Blake, two British soldiers who are assigned an almost impossible mission during World War I. They need to convey a crucial message. Small problem: for that they will have to cross enemy territory. A spectacularly portrayed war story!

Saving Private Ryan

The classic of the classics among war movies: Saving Private Ryan. You’ve probably seen it a dozen times by now, but we can’t ignore the fact that Netflix has re-scored a great movie. During the Normandy invasion, two brothers are killed. His other brother turns out to be killed almost simultaneously in New Guinea, in front of the Japanese. When it is known that there is a fourth brother, who is also missing, an ambitious mission is organized to bring him home safely. Wonderful movie, always worth watching.


two years later Saving Private Ryan Tom Hanks also appeared in Discarda dramatic film for which the American actor once again collaborated with Forrest GumpDirector Robert Zemeckis. That golden combination resulted in another top movie. This time, Hanks plays Chuck, a top executive at FedEx. A true workaholic with no private life. He until he flies a cargo plane that gets caught in a violent storm and then crashes in the Pacific Ocean. Suddenly, the businessman has to survive on his account.

An amazing mind

Russell Crowe plays influential mathematician John Nash, who has had a major impact on how we think about the economy in 2023. Crowe plays a younger Nash, before his international breakthrough, who finds himself embroiled in a conspiracy. Also, we’re not going to give away too much, because this movie is best written in white. I’m going to watch that because Ron Howard delivered with An amazing mind one of the best biographies off all the time.


After all those dramatic movies, are you ready for some lighter entertainment? So of course you are always in the right place with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Netflix offers popcorn entertainment this month with Skyscraper, a 2018 film. The Rock plays an ex-military officer responsible for security in and of a giant Chinese skyscraper. When a floor of the imposing building catches fire, he is blamed for it. On the run and on a mission to prove his innocence, the ex-soldier must also save his family, who are trapped in the collapsing building.

Mr and Mrs Smith

Ah, 2005. Other times. The movie that ignited the spark between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. They play a seemingly ordinary couple, unaware that they are both secretly among the world’s deadliest assassins. When both are given a mission to take out the other, a violent dance begins that remains extremely entertaining even in 2023.

girl is gone

A couple played by Rosamund Pike and Ben Affleck are about to celebrate five years of marriage. However, on the morning of that happy day, Nick (Affleck) has his doubts: is marriage really as perfect as he thinks? He visits his twin sister for advice, but when he returns home, his wife has completely disappeared. He calls the police as soon as possible, but after a full-scale investigation everything points to only one suspect: Nick himself.

Ow mom! 1 and 2

Mind at zero and enjoy! That’s what you can start doing in July thanks to Netflix. You can do both on the streaming service. Ow mom!movies to stream again. The Abba hits everyone knows, an uncomplicated story, Greek sunshine, and a surprisingly well-rounded all-star cast. You have to be able to handle the musical content, but hey, who doesn’t love Abba?

New York Gangs

Martin Scorsese’s work is so impressive that even his lesser-known films are often his best. We constantly talk about titles like Taxi driver, shutter island in Good boysbut forget New York Gangs not from 2002 A relatively lesser-known crime film from the grandmaster, starring, of course, Leonardo DiCaprio. We return to 19th century New York. An extremely violent period, in which Irish immigrants clash with the original inhabitants of the city. Amsterdam Vallon (DiCaprio) is the son of such an immigrant. After the death of his father, he seeks revenge. It does not matter that.

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Netflix Now Has Two Of The Best War Movies Ever (And 8 Other Top Movies)

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