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New Netflix series and war movie is praised to the skies

Netflix coming soon with war sailor, a war movie and series that has been praised by critics. In fact, it was Norway’s Oscar entry.

Netflix throws out a laundry list of movies every month. It’s a hit this month, too, and fans of the best war movies in particular are in for a big hit. Including the underrated mountain range crest it can no longer be found on the streaming service after March 31.

Netflix comes with war series

Fortunately, the American giant makes up for it with new content. recently appeared narvik It already partially compensates for the lack of cinema, and for the rest you can always go to this striking cinema in Drenthe.

Or you wait until April 2. From then on it is the sailor of war to stream on Netflix. After narvik Netflix again turns to Norway for a solid war story. the sailor of waralso known internationally as war sailorIt is a movie and a series at the same time.

War Sailor: movie my series

Here’s the thing: The war story was released as a film in Norway last year, but was then also split into three parts, resulting in a fifty-minute-per-episode miniseries. Series almost always score better on Netflix, which is why the streaming service works, too. the sailor of war will introduce you

All very well, but what is it about? The show unfolds as narvik Set during World War II and follows the story of Alfred, a father of three who works as a laborer on a merchant ship along with his childhood friend. I work hard, but they are used to it. Until everything suddenly changes: suddenly they find themselves in the middle of the front lines, fighting a war they never asked for, without weapons. German submarines target your ship.

Krigseileren War Sailor Netflix War movies and series
???? (Picture: Netflix)

Promising reviews

Filmmaker Gunnar Vikene strikingly contrasts this situation with the lives of Alfred’s wife and three children, who are trying to continue their daily lives on land as war rages around them. The resulting movie/series gets a creditable 7.6 on IMDb, after just over a thousand votes.

About rotten tomatoes are only two reviews of the war drama, but both are cool. Critic David Rooney of the hollywood reporternot least post, call the movie “powerful and exciting.” Alex Heeney from Seventh Row is also very enthusiastic: “war sailor It’s the best kind of war movie: a character drama set in the middle of war, with the biggest focus on how the characters have changed over the years due to the atrocities that surround them.”

We’re clearly not dealing with a weak B-movie here. In fact, Norway submitted this film as an Oscar candidate. Fortunately, we can soon make our own judgement, because the three episodes of the sailor of war It will stream on Netflix starting April 2.

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Krigseileren War Sailor Netflix War movies and series
???? (Picture: Netflix)

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Netflix’s new war series is praised to the skies

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