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Pathé Thuis will release many of the best films in March

movie news – From crime and action to romance and drama. This month you can see great new movies on Pathé Thuis.

see in march the batman in Unexplored in Pathé Thuis. Several blockbusters and top-tier films will be added to the offer this month.

the batman

From Friday March 3 you can the batman to see in Pathé Thuis. Robbert Pattinson assumes the role of Batman in this movie.

The film sees Batman, who has spent two years fighting crime in Gotham City and trying to expose corruption while going after the Riddler. This serial killer targeting Gotham’s corrupt elite.


On Friday, March 10, the romantic drama arrives cyranus available on Pathé Thuis starring Peter Dincklage aka game of Thrones.

Cyrano de Bergerac dazzles everyone with his wild puns and brilliant swordsmanship. However, he is convinced that his appearance is not helping him win over the beautiful Roxanne. She is in love with someone else.


Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) is a treasure hunter who travels the world, unraveling all kinds of mysteries. He meets elderly businessman Victor Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg), also a treasure hunter, who takes the boy under his wing. The two embark on an adventure together and must compete against the ruthless Santiago Moncada (Antonio Banderas).

Unexplored look from March 17 at Pathé Thuis.


this thriller look in service starting Friday, March 24. The film, directed by Michael Bay, is quite well valued. On Rotten Tomatoes, reviewers are more critical at 68%. The audience gives the film a solid 88%. At least this reviewer was positive.

“One of Michael Bay’s best action thrillers in years! Yahya & Gyllenhaal sells the story of their sisterly relationship and every decision they make from the start. It’s captivating, entertaining and action-packed with a final line that works in your favor. of Bay”.

sonic the hedgehog 2

Sonic embarks on a spectacular new adventure in this movie. Ever since he lives in Green Hills, Sonic has been eager to prove that he is a true hero. He gets this opportunity when Dr. Robotnik returns along with his new partner Knuckles. They are looking for an emerald with totally destructive power. Along with his own partner Tails, Sonic travels the world to find the emerald before it falls into the wrong hands.

Spoken in the Dutch version by, among others, Najib Amhali, Carolina Dijkhuizen, Huub Dikstaal and Joshua Albana. From Thursday March 30 look this film in Pathé Thuis.

full summary

All the films you can see in March on Pathé Thuis in a row.

As of March 1:
– blind ambition
– little pig

As of March 2:
– Near
– The Nutcracker and the Magic Flute
-Sinestra Hotel
– The offer

As of March 3:
– the batman

As of March 7:
– LeoLeo: The Alpaca Party!

As of March 8:
– Coconut House
– One Piece Movie: Red

As of March 10:
– Cyrano
– Devil’s Drivers
– The Ritual Killer

As of March 14:
– More than ever

As of March 15:
– Triangle of Sadness

As of March 16:
– faithfully yours
– sputum

As of March 17:
– unexplored

As of March 22:
– Living

As of March 23:
– Babylon
– The Eight Mountains
– Meet cute

As of March 24:
– Ambulance

As of March 30:
– Sonic the hedgehog 2

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