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Rammstein is partly right on the part of the judge and attacks: “Serious accusations for the sales figures” | show

the news magazine Mirror It was not allowed to spread, according to the Hamburg court, that Rammstein singer Till Lindemann systematically drugged women with the aim of having sex with them. However, the German rock group, which did react with a fiery statement on Thursday, is not right on all counts.

First there were the accusations of a 24-year-old Northern Irish woman against Lindemann, 60, whom she considers responsible for the state of confusion in which she found herself after a Rammstein performance in Lithuania. He also allegedly left in a huff after she refused to have sex with him. After that message came Mirror with similar stories from several young women, who claimed they had been personally approached by a gang employee.

Lindemann denied the accusations and fought back through his lawyers. The court ruled that the complaint of Mirror did not contain sufficient evidence. There is a big ‘but’ in that statement. The bottom line is that the magazine should not have said that Lindemann or his team drugged women for the purpose of having sex with them. It would have been permissible to spread the suspicion that Lindemann had sexual contact with women who were not entirely clear and that Lindemann knew about it.


A fine dividing line, which does not facilitate the judgment of the court. The metal band for its part opts for the attack through a statement from its lawyer on Instagram. The Hamburg court ruling is an example of a recent, completely out-of-control reporting of suspicions on the ‘MeToo’ issue, he said.

Read more in the Rammstein statement on Instagram.

The lawyer accuses Mirror of effect “Knowing that reporting on this issue generates high sales and audience figures, the media are increasingly ignoring the requirements of jurisprudence to report suspicions. Time and again serious allegations are reported, although only partial statements are available and no criminal investigations have been or are beginning. This generates massive prejudice and ignores the principle of innocence until proven guilty, as stipulated in the European Convention on Human Rights”.

Rammstein and Lindemann want to abolish the coverage. ‘If the door Mirror prohibited suspicion is also expressed by other means, we will also take legal action against this.’

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Meanwhile, Rammstein continue to perform during this turbulent time for the band. On Tuesday, during the last night of the Rammstein concert series in Berlin, Lindemann changed the lyrics of some songs. With that, the leader referred to the recent allegations. For example, he sang example instead of ‘Alle haben Angstvorm schwarzen Mann’ during the concert ‘Alle haben Angst vor Lindemann’, or ‘Everybody is afraid of Lindemann’.

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