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Kanye untraceable by former business partner with charges | Show

Kanye West’s former business partner said in court that he cannot track down the rapper because of the charges he filed against him. This is according to a report that Sun fact of the case in question.

Thomas St. John, who is suing West in Los Angeles over alleged unpaid fees, told the court he has been unable to find an appropriate address to file the lawsuit. Proceeding in the case requires the defendant to serve the documents in person or through an attorney, but St. John would not have been able to trace them either.

Coverage of the case has fueled online rumors that Kanye is untraceable. He was last seen in public on December 14, when a photographer captured him leaving a church in Los Angeles.

In the lawsuit, St. John accuses West of refusing to pay fees for 18 months after St. John was appointed as its agent in March. St. John claims that when he confronted West about the monthly charges, the rapper became “overheated and aggressive” and began calling him names.

‘Antisemites of the Year’

The international Jewish human rights organization Simon Wiesenthal Center today named Kanye ‘Ye’ West Antisemite of the Year. The rapper receives the annual award for his repeated anti-Semitic comments.

“West, who goes by Ye, is at the forefront of not only anti-Semitic comments and conspiracy theories, but also the use of his massive social media platform to weaponize hate, bigotry and ignorance,” the statement said. Jewish organization according to Belgian news. agency.

The rapper has been in the news several times recently for his statements in interviews and social networks. For example, in a conversation with the far-right platform Infowars, he said that Adolf Hitler had done “good things” and that “insulting the Nazis” should be stopped. Ye is also said to have shared the image of a swastika on Twitter. Therefore, his account was suspended again.

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