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Recensie Prime Video series ‘The Blockchain Life’

The seven-part documentary takes an in-depth look at the possibilities of blockchain, but in a one-sided way.

Director: joey boink | Episodes: 7 | Time to play: 25-30 minutes | Year: 2023

The life of the blockchain It outlines various aspects of blockchain technology, bringing the creators up on a very topical and also somewhat controversial topic. The goal of this documentary series seems to be to inform and perhaps even convince skeptical people about the possibilities and future of blockchain.

The life of the blockchain let various experts and experience experts speak. Through interviews and showing on-location footage, such as at a small grocery store in El Salvador and at a Bitcoin conference in Las Vegas, the information is conveyed to the viewer. This ensures a varied picture and the necessary justification of the opinions of the experts. Because the viewer can see certain things with their own eyes, a certain form of trust is created.

Each episode focuses on a different theme. For example, the first episode is about how El Salvador has adopted Bitcoin as legal tender, but there are also episodes that are about a specific cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin and Ripple. Yet another episode focuses specifically on women and how they interact with cryptocurrency.

Due to the variety of topics covered. The life of the blockchain a lot of information and the documentary is still quite general. However, a certain degree of basic knowledge is assumed. Anyone wishing to learn what exactly blockchain is and how it works will be disappointed. This type of information is completely omitted and quite specific possibilities are directly discussed, which are only a small part of blockchain technology.

This vast flow of information can be interesting, but it is far from complete. Only a fraction of the possibilities and different cryptocurrencies are mentioned, so everything is still missing. The life of the blockchain therefore, it gives a limited picture of the possibilities of blockchain technology, while the title suggests otherwise. Furthermore, most crypto and blockchain advocates have their say, which paints a very one-sided and far from complete picture. Only in the last episode are hiccups and minor sides discussed, to straighten the balance a bit.

The life of the blockchain It’s not bad to watch and certainly informative, but it’s very limited in its approach to the subject. Many more episodes should be added to properly explain everything related to blockchain and highlight the topic from various angles, so that the viewer is objectively informed and can draw their own conclusions based on this. Now the documentary is one-sided and incomplete, while the experts who speak clearly have a lot of knowledge.


The life of the blockchain can be seen in first video.

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