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Director: Sam Hargrave | Script: joe Russian | Cast: Chris Hemsworth (Tyler Rake), Golshifteh Farahani (Nik Khan), Tornike Gogrichiani (Zurab Radiani), Adam Bessa (Yaz Khan), Tinatin Dalakishvili (Ketevan Radiani), ea | Time to play: 123 minutes | Year: 2023

the last seconds of Extraction I’ve already hinted at it, but with a sequel coming out it looks like mercenary Tyler Rake actually survived his mission in Dhaka. The opening phase of Extraction 2 fortunately it shows that it was lace board. A lot of medical help and long-term care is needed to heal the severely injured mercenary. This means we see this action hero much more vulnerable than many of his peers.

After his long rehabilitation, his colleagues leave Rake in an Austrian log cabin, where he can enjoy his retirement. So the movie seems to raise an interesting question: what does a hardened mercenary do when he’s no longer physically capable of doing his job? The answer turns out to be sadly simple: he just goes back to work.

The fact that he almost immediately accepts a new job seems to be an indication that he hasn’t recovered enough yet, but that’s not so bad. After Rocky-assembly (or more specifically: rocky IV, with a lot of wood chopping and dragging stones in the snow) suddenly you can do it all over again. Rake has to put up with a lot for the rest of the movie, but it hardly bothers him. The extreme injuries from the past are the minor ones.

This opening phase contains more wasted settings and weird logic. Rake is hired by his ex-wife to free his sister and children from a Georgian prison. However, it is not his ex-wife who approaches him for this, but a go-between who does not know Rake and who otherwise plays little part. The personal reasons for accepting the job are barely expressed. There is no interaction with his ex-wife, and Rake doesn’t come across as being very close to his ex-sister-in-law.

Another example of shady narration is that Rake is personally contacted for this job, while normally his colleague Nik handles such matters. She even mentions it out loud, but still she and her brother obediently appear on the scene when Rake has to go to work. Everything seems to indicate hasty decisions or double agendas, but in the end it never turns out to be so. Perhaps these settings were used in an earlier draft of the script, but now they only hinted at a better movie.

Still, in a movie like this, the plot is subservient to the action and on that front they manage to impress. As in the previous part, the highlight is a long action scene that seems to have been shot entirely in one take. The fact that some digital tools were undoubtedly involved doesn’t detract from the performance; it’s an excellent piece of cinematic with enough variation to keep you interested for the entire twenty minutes.

However, the question arises as to why after this impressive opening salvo, the next big action scene is shot and edited in a rather conventional way. The action here is very well executed (well staged, some creative takedowns), but it’s nothing you haven’t seen before. He Extractionmovies aren’t very refreshing in terms of plot elements, so wouldn’t it make sense to provide all action scenes in a unique style instead of just a few times per part?

It also doesn’t help that the action scenes are less and less engaging. just like the last john wick contains Extraction 2 only three pieces, but they contain more than enough action to satisfy the viewer. However, where those of john wick 4 they are pretty evenly matched in terms of quality Extraction 2 the first by far the best, the second not bad and the third a lazy encore that ends in no time. You usually save the best for last.

However, it is Extraction 2 slightly better than its predecessor. The action is a bit more creative and varied and the film has less problematic features. It’s also nice that there’s more attention for brother-sister duo Yaz and Nik Khan. Especially the Iranian Golshifteh Farahani once again shows the best side of her as Khan, both in the action scenes and beyond. Hopefully, she’ll get a larger role in the already-announced third part, though you might also wonder why she’s not just the focus of this movie series. Her character is much more interesting than Chris Hemsworth’s.

Extraction 2 can be seen in Netflix.

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