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Director: Nathaniel Hammer-White | Script: Nathaniel Hammer-White | Cast: Ashley Madekwe (Neve), Jorden Myrie (Marvin), Justin Salinger (Ian), Maria Almeida (Mary), Samuel Paul Small (Sebastian), Bukky Bakray (Abigail), ea | Time to play: 100 minutes | Year: 2023

There are so many things that men can accomplish and get away with mild criticism, but when a woman does the exact same thing, the world is too small. That’s unfair and often women don’t make it easy for themselves either. the caminates it’s about that theme and although the main character points out that men do this all the time too, when she does it it comes across as unacceptable. A worthless judgment.

Neve lives with her husband and two teenagers in a wealthy British neighborhood and has a good job at an expensive private school. One day a young man appears whose presence makes Neve very uncomfortable, because she knows him. the caminates it opens with a scene in an apartment building in which Neve says on the phone that she is tired of always losing as a black woman. So she’s tried to put that in her past. But now that past seems to have found her again.

Neve is already nervous in a few minutes, and after that there is little tension. Because after half an hour the plot stops to repeat the same period of time, but from another perspective. By then the mystery has been explained, which has taken the suspense out of it entirely, and what happens isn’t intriguing enough to keep it captivating.

That different perspective also creates plot holes. At first it seems that Neve sees them fly. During a visit to the other side of the flat, she sees that mysterious young man standing outside again. She points at him and yells that someone is coming, the guests look around and there is no one, the guests look away and there he is again. But he is not a hallucination, so how is this possible? There are more moments that turn out to be chronologically incorrect.

What’s going on? Neve once did something that is not good, which according to the creator, she should not have done as a woman. What she did was just wrong. But that doesn’t detract from the fact that men do this more often than women, and that they aren’t judged for it as much as the other way around. the caminates he even goes to the trouble of devoting an entire movie to it.

Also, Neve has had the guts to walk away from black culture. She has unlearned the accent she grew up with, wears wigs to hide her natural hair, and tries to live a wealthy, mostly white life as much as possible. She will also be harshly judged for this in the end. But why shouldn’t she, if she can achieve her ambitions with him? Neve’s family suffers too. They knew nothing and are not guilty of anything. However, in the last act they are loaded with the same threat as Neve, and that feels completely unwarranted.

the caminates is written and directed by British actor Nathaniel Martello-White, who is making a feature film for the first time. The great inspiration of him is Jordan Peele Go outbut the caminates rather remember with great joy: a film that gives up the clue halfway and tries but fails to live off the ensuing drama. Everything looks good and there are no bad words about the cast. But the scene of [iThe Strays[/i] it is too weak and, above all, too incriminating for the ambitions of Martello-White.

the caminates can be seen in Netflix.

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