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Director: L. Gustavo Cooper | Script: Jacob D Wehrman | Cast: Henry Thomas (Robert Mitchell), Olivia Taylor Dudley (Carrie Mitchell), Bradley Stryker (Sterling), C. Ernst Hath (Dooley), Jennifer Robertson (Deputy Jordan Pacer), Joe Costa (Sheriff Higgon), ea | Time to play: 90 minutes | Year: 2022

Do you remember Henry Thomas, the super cute child star of Eastern Time? She seemed to have already experienced the pinnacle of his career. Not that he has stood still, according to IMDb Thomas has appeared in seventy-seven (TV) series and movies, but he hasn’t been very successful either. Of crawl space, a mild thriller on Netflix, is featured prominently again. On the movie poster, her name is clearly placed above the title. And he plays the main role. A comeback attempt?

He plays Robert Mitchell, a plumber struggling with financial problems. He apparently is such a nice guy that he doesn’t even dare to ask customers for money. Lady Carrie sighs that her boy should defend himself against her. That moment may come sooner than expected. Robert has to work for a good friend. He has just hid under the crawl space of the house when he runs into Sterling and Dooley, two criminals looking for “their” money from him. Unfortunately, the loot is in the crawl space. And Robert has discovered the money.

crawl space he is primarily concerned with telling a tepid, rushed story that has been told many times and better. Robert is a deadly boring character with hardly any personality. The performance of the cast is either boring and sleep-inducing, or so over the top that it becomes hilarious. Whether he should be funny too is another question.

Also, the premise is not very well thought out. Why do the jolly duo of Sterling and Dooley waste time sniffing and drinking when they can, say, open the flat? Is that way Robert can also be contacted, and therefore the money? And they proudly present themselves as professionals. The supposedly surprising plot twist at the end hits like a pincer on a pig. It shows that screenwriter Jacob D. Wehrman has put little energy into this crap. Most likely it was written quickly to earn some pocket money.

The marketing suggests that Robert stays in his musty hideout for an hour and a half and the criminals do everything they can to take his money. A game of cat and mouse that becomes more and more creative and violent. Lots of blood, screams and horrible injuries. unfortunately it is crawl space a generic thriller that doesn’t even hide its lousy quality. If this was supposed to be a career renaissance for Thomas, then it was a painfully bad choice. The role of a plumber who has to fend for himself gives him no chance to create a memorable game.

Thomas once said that Hollywood places revenue models above storytelling. Movies come off the tape at the factory. crawl space is such a product. A strangely bad product.

crawl space can be seen in Netflix.

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