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Director: Kevin Smith | Script: Kevin Smith | Cast: Brian O’Halloran (Dante), Randal (Jeff Anderson), Jason Mewes (Jay), Kevin Smith (Silent Bob), Amy Sedaris (Doctor Ladenheim), Rosario Dawson (Becky) ea | Time to play: minutes | Year: 2022

Beloved stoners Dante and Randal are back! The two bored shop assistants made their appearance in the 1994 cult classic. office workers, the directorial debut of Kevin Smith. There was a lot to talk about in it, pop culture references like Star Wars in star trek, played hockey, made love, cursed, drank and smoked weed. More of the same happened in part 2. In office workers III the characters continue without bias.

Given that Smith’s work has the qualitative consistency of a patient with a cardiac arrhythmia, the question is: will Smith continue with office workers III return to the fog or make an unmissable comeback? The first half is scary for the worst. In the 90s the endless bullshit was still charming and witty, now it’s very tiring.

The actors clearly have some years on them, too. Brian O’Halloran and Jeff Anderson no longer seem like the recalcitrant 30-something drifters they played in the 1990s. They are middle-aged boys trapped in a time vacuum and desperate to relive the glory days. So I continue to play hockey on the roof and discuss movies, among other things.

Could Smith try to capitalize on the success of the 1990s in this way? It makes a sad, somewhat pathetic impression, seeing Randal and Dante like this. But what office workers III the only thing that really gets in the way are bad jokes. It’s amazing how jokes invented by Smiths fail. It’s like watching a comedian being silenced to death by the audience. Smith can really do it, even coming on stage to laugh along with him with juicy anecdotes. So why doesn’t it work here?

Just before office workers III a slow and painful movie death seems to die something amazing happens. Randal, after surviving a heart attack, wants to make a movie. A movie about his life. In the video store. Where he doesn’t do much more than chat the time with Dante. The fans already feel it coming, this will pass office workers. So basically this is a type making of from Smith’s critically acclaimed debut. And then the level goes from office workers III actually slightly up.

Is it because those fantastic scenes are reenacted and the actors no longer have to make hurriedly written jokes? Is Smith secretly using nostalgia to deliver something of quality again? What is certain is that the actors suddenly play a lot more naturally, culminating in O’Halloran’s vivid monologue, and the movie becomes a lot more fun.

Smith wants to tie up the loose ends and brings office workers III down a bumpy road to a lock that smacks of false sentiment. Die-hard fans will love it and wipe away a tear. Everyone else can do better office workers III jump and office workers again or for the first time.

office workers III can be seen in Netflix.

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