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Review of the HBO Max series ‘Barry’ season 4

Barry’s swan song is the perfect ending to the unlikely journey of this tormented killer.

Director: Bill Hader | Cast: Bill Hader (Barry Berkman), Sarah Goldberg (Sally Reed), Henry Winkler (Gene Cousineau), Anthony Carrigan (Noho Hank), Stephen Root (Monroe Fuches), ea | Episodes: 8 | Time to play: 25-32 minutes | Year: 2023

Barry is no longer what he once was. This is as true for the series as it is for the main character. What once started as a fun series providing witty jokes and good humor has turned into a deep, dark and layered masterpiece. Season after season, the series became more depressing without losing humor. It’s amazing how the series has evolved. Bill Hader’s dream project now comes to a perfect ending in a majestic swansong full of plot twists.

The final season picks up where the previous one ended with a cliffhanger. What no one counted has happened: Barry has been caught. It’s hard to say more without spoiling anything, due to the many plot twists and turns, each of which is extremely satisfying. Sometimes the story gets absurd, but those moments never feel out of place.

The previous season mostly revolved around Barry’s delusions about the good deeds he, in his eyes, accomplished. These illusions endowed the story with very heavy and dark moments. This line continues mercilessly in the last season. Although the series is still hilarious at times, it also offers a melancholic viewing experience at times. The tragedy is set at eleven.

Of essential importance are the phenomenal acting performances, with Bill Hader starring in the title role. His altered, manic, deranged Barry has so many layers and is so tragic that it becomes painful to watch. Henry Winkler gives a special performance as the tormented Gene Cousineau. Even the story with Noho Hank can bring tears to your eyes. The rest of the cast also shines. It’s amazing how really each character has changed and grown throughout the series.

Narcissism is again a theme throughout the season. Certain characters have narcissistic tendencies even in the darkest moments of their lives and are sometimes mercilessly punished for it. There is a lot of play with the truth, because what exactly is that? Aren’t we all acting? How far can you go in creating your own truth? Big questions are asked, though not in obvious ways, but subtly throughout the scenes.

Just because this season is not for the faint-hearted doesn’t mean there isn’t room for humor. It even contains some of the funniest moments in the entire series, which perhaps hit the hardest because of the serious tone. Hank, despite his unprecedented depth this season, excels at this.

After all, so much seems to have happened that it’s hard to believe that this season only has eight episodes. That while really all the lines come together to a satisfying ending without the viewer being left with questions. It’s a silly ending, but a fitting one.

Met barry Bill Hader has given his best as an actor and director, which makes us wonder what he will do in the future. This final season is a solid experience, but one not to be missed. Rarely does a final season play out so well, while the many twists and turns don’t hurt the story, but rather enrich it. Expect to stare at the screen in silence for a while after the last episode. A master class in storytelling and character development.


barry can be seen in hbo max.

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