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Director: Timothy Scott Bogart | Script: Timothy Scott Bogart | Cast: Jeremy Jordan (Neil Bogart), Michelle Monoghan (Beth Bogart), Lyndsy Fonseca, (Joyce Biawitz), Jason Isaacs (Al Bogart), Jason Derulo (Ronald Isley), Tayla Parx (Donna Summer), Ledisi (Gladys Knight), Pink Sweat$ (Bill Withers), Whiz Khalifa (George Clinton), ea | Time to play: 130 minutes | Year: 2023

Donna Summer, Gladys Knight, The Isley Brothers, and The Village People are household names, but Neil Bogart probably rings a bell with fewer people. However, it is precisely to this man that the success of the aforementioned musical icons is due. Directed by the driven music producer’s son, it features rotating gold how Bogart founded the most successful independent record label of all time. Contemporary pop stars like Jason Derulo and Tayla Parx perform as the stars of yesteryear that Bogart brought to the general public through Casablanca Records. However, this will not make up for the unsatisfying plot.

The establishment of Casablanca Records does not come without obstacles. After achieving huge success with Ronald Isley, the young record label owner’s ambitious attitude results in a series of missteps. He does everything he can to bring unknown artists, including KISS, to the masses, but fails to raise enough revenue. As the determined producer continues to gamble with what could be a potential hit, debts mount and his personal life suffers as well. However, he is certain that glory is within his grasp.

rotating gold misses the point of the story. The steps of Bogart’s career are so central that the first half of the film is mostly a summary of events. The characters and their motives receive very little attention. There are simply too few surprises to justify a 130 minute run time.

In the second half, more attention is paid to the personal development of the eccentric label holder. He struggles with his love life and his clients lose trust in him. Still, the movie doesn’t really get to grips with the character. The bottlenecks in Bogart’s private life are dominated mainly by the influence they have on the development of his career. A thorough exploration of the soul’s struggle is missing from him. It seems that some succinct facts about his life have been put together to shape the plot.

All these deficiencies could have been supplied with a musical show. Revisiting old pop idols through contemporary stars sounds like a treat for any music lover. Still, it’s disappointing. The musical performances work more as a complement than as a centerpiece. The emphasis is on the role that numbers play within the story. Therefore, the performances of the beloved musicians are only briefly commented on. As a result, the music does not get the deserved stage. The movie didn’t get the push it wanted.

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