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Martial arts trainer Sienna has a hard time separating work from private life. She’s a sought-after trainer who’s been taken into her wings by the gym’s owner, Julian. Sienna trains the talented but aggressive MMA fighter Jax and begins a passionate relationship with him. She is shattered into thousands of pieces when she catches Jax with her own sister.

Castilla Landons, director of the Afterseries, combine into perfect addiction Standard themes like training a student for the big game with a fairly traditional boy meets girl story and a classic love triangle. When Sienna throws Jax away, she moves in with a good friend’s stepbrother. This Kayden also happens to be a great fighter and the pattern with Jax seems to repeat itself.

Landon treats us to an undulating youth drama consisting of rushed scenes filled with music. It feels like a long video clip. That also keeps the momentum going, and in the end, every minute seems well spent. Screenwriter Stephanie Sanditz, who was based on Claudia Tan’s book from the series called ‘Perfect’, alternates lighthearted dramatic moments with tough confrontations and even torrid sex.

However, the raw edge that Landon tries to create doesn’t really take root. This is mainly because the characters are sparsely developed. Sienna, whose voice resembles that of singer Lady Gaga like two peas in a pod, constantly moves back and forth between the two wrestlers. And if those two meet, for example at a wedding, they immediately get into each other’s hair.

Despite the sketchy characters, they are played by attractive actors who really deserve a better script. Lead actress Kiana Madeira plays a confident and confident young trainer who doesn’t let herself be cornered. Especially her interaction with co-star Ross Butler, perhaps known to some for his roles in 13 reasons why in riverdaleprovides the necessary subcutaneous and sexual tension.

Despite the title, the addictive effect of love and pure physical attraction goes awry. perfect addiction. Sienna’s undeniable ability to fall for the wrong men is in stark contrast to Sanditz’s numerous attempts to portray a successful young woman with her teeth. Kayden is Sienna’s unpolished diamond and pawn in ending her feelings for Jax once and for all.

It shouldn’t surprise us where it all ends in the end. Of course, it’s only a matter of time before Jax and Kayden meet in the ring. After a flashy montage in that final showdown, a rather superfluous final act follows. perfect addiction it’s easy to swallow after a hard day’s work due to the combination of accessible, light drama and flashy fight scenes.

perfect addiction can be seen in first video.

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