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Director: Tizza Covi, Rainer Frimmel Script: Covi Knee | Cast: Vera Gemma (Vera), Daniel de Palma (Daniel), Sebastian Dascalu (Manuel), Annamaria Ciancamerla (Nonna), Asia Argento (Asia), she | Time to play: 115 minutes | Year: 2022

There’s something special about it vera. Stylistically, it is presented as a documentary. The images are taken off the doll, artificial light is not used, and the scenes have an improvisational impression. However, according to official sources, it is a fictional drama. What do you think now? The answer is in the middle. Director and writer Tizza Covi wanted to make a film for and about Vera Gemma, the daughter of Italian superstar Giuliano Gemma.

All her life, Vera lives in the shadow of her handsome father. She wanders from party to party, she reluctantly goes to auditions and is constantly recognized as “her daughter”. Her fiancé (much younger than her) begs him to finance her movie and her dad’s fans are dying to take a picture of her with her. Because beauty was an important ideal in the family, Vera often allowed herself to be manipulated.

vera captures Vera’s life in stark, harsh images as she is involved in a car accident. This puts her in touch with Manuel, a car mechanic with a short fuse living in less fortunate circumstances. The fact that her mother has to go to the pump every day to draw water gives an idea of ​​her poverty. A loving but also temperamental bond develops between Vera and Manuel. Their relationship is strained when Vera finds out how Manuel gets extra money.

As for the story vera pretty well put together. Two shocking personalities who refuse to step aside for each other. It’s not amazing, but it does make some beautiful fireworks. Covi and his managing partner Rainer Frimmel also delve into recognizable themes. Rich against poor and the omnipresent shadow of that domineering father. At times it feels too much like a collection of loose anecdotes, but the directing duo knows how to put the pieces together.

the pillar of vera it is above all Gemma herself, who carries the film on her shoulders with the greatest of ease. She looks like a humanized Barbie and even plans to lie on the operating table more often. At the same time, she exudes childlike innocence and doesn’t shy away from confrontation. And while she struggles with a considerable inferiority complex, there’s also a glowing halo over her head. Gemma is, in short, a fascinating and complex figure.

Therefore, it is very unfortunate that the visual effect vera it evokes the feeling of an intimate home video rather than a full-length film. An experiment in shape that makes you wonder why it was chosen. Gemma can act as well as she wants, her austere style distracting rather than adding to it. You would wholeheartedly wish this fantastic woman a crowd-pleaser, but that’s about it. vera No.

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