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Review: What threatens in Power is a world turned upside down from The Handmaid’s Tale | show

A world in which women hold power. A utopia for some, a nightmare for others. Both options are extensively discussed in the drama series The Power, based on Naomi Alderman’s book of the same name.

The power

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The cause of this revolution is triggered by a unique phenomenon. It was suddenly discovered that teenage girls around the world have electrical energy in their fingers that they can use to turn off appliances and roast male bullies, like an abusive foster father.

The discovery leads to panic. What threatens is a world turned upside down from The Handmaid’s Tale, where in this case men are the weak brothers.

With her new gift, women can take revenge on the bad lords who have ruined their lives.

All the continents go through the series. Even Saudi Arabia, where oppressed women riot. In London, the daughter of a mob boss takes revenge on the murderer of her mother.

And in Seattle, where Toni Collette is mayor, students at her daughter’s school are locked in glass cages like would-be terrorists. The fact that a girl is blamed for a plane crash causes an enormous panic among the authorities.

The Power is a mosaic of various stories about how the electric girls deal with their new gift. Sure they can take the reins, but will that also make the world a better place?

In addition to the diverse cycle of addictive and exciting stories, The Power is also interesting for its social context. The series is considered by some to be science fiction, but the overlapping or mismatched references to current developments, ranging from the uprising in Iran to the abuse of girl gymnasts, give the series more depth and enough food for thought about relationships. between men and women.

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