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Russia outdoes Tom Cruise (and the US) with a groundbreaking film

A Russian film crew has surpassed Tom Cruise with an unprecedented movie: The challenge (Call). It is the first film shot in space and the first images have already been revealed.

Tom Cruise turned sixty last summer, but for now the top gun-Don’t slow down. In fact, the actor uses the Mission Impossiblethe movies continue to pull off ever grander and more dangerous stunts.

Tom Cruise literally wants to go to space

Two weeks ago, the face of Scientology shared another video of him jump off a cliff with a motorcycle during the recording of the next part. However, it can always be even more absurd, more groundbreaking.

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Tom Cruise plans to shoot a movie in space, directed by the bourne identityDirector Doug Liman. No green screen, but a trip with SpaceX should be the basis of the recordings. Universal Pictures star Donna Langley recently opened a book about the actor’s ambitious plans.

They’re still groundbreaking, but Tom Cruise won’t be the first actor to go into space for his stunts. The movie star has been outdone by a Russian thriller called The challenge. Last year it seemed like a race: who will be the first to go into space with his cameras?

Overtaken by Russian film

That was about three months ago now. The Russian team behind The challenge achieved last fall that Tom Cruise only has plans for now. The sci-fi thriller is officially the world’s first (fictional) movie whose scenes were filmed in space, with real actors and a director. A kind of space race, but on a cinematographic level. And therefore also automatic propaganda. Meanwhile, the war in Ukraine continues.

Actress Yulia Peresild and director Klim Shepenko were transported to the ISS aboard a Russian manned spacecraft called the Soyuz. There they had twelve days to film. They eventually returned with thirty hours of material, using other cosmonauts already present as actors and extras, with Peresild playing Zhenya, a heart surgeon.

The Space Movie Challenge
Yulia Peresild (links) and Klim Shipenk (right) (Image: GCTC)

The synopsis goes The challenge reads as follows: ‘Cosmonaut Ivanov loses consciousness while his spacecraft is still en route. The doctors decide that zero gravity heart surgery will be necessary. Heart surgeon Zhenya Belyaeva, who does not have time to raise her three-year-old daughter from her, is preparing to fly.

Breakthrough Trailer for The Challenge (Вызов)

Due to the lack of an extensive film crew, the director had to do much himself, including the makeup of his impromptu cast. In the end, the historical footage shot in space covers roughly 35 minutes of the movie, but we already get a first taste of the groundbreaking footage via the trailer below.

Tom Cruise can still score

Speaking of records: Tom Cruise doesn’t have to completely throw in the towel. After the recordings of Mission: Impossible 8 Does the 60-year-old actor still want to go into space for the special project, which in addition to Liman has now also been completed by Mission: Impossible producer-director Christopher McQuarrie? In addition, Cruise has ambitions that the Russian crew did not dare to take up.

The Tom Cruise Space Movie Challenge
The challenge (Image: Central Association)

From top gunstar wants to become the first civilian to take a space walk. Well, he’s still Tom Cruise. You can always be one step ahead of the competition. The challenge It will be in Russian theaters from April 12.

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Russia surpasses Tom Cruise (and therefore the United States) with a groundbreaking film

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