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Sacrifice of Jasmine Tang, the insanely rich Singaporean wife of Chow Yun Fat

The love story of Chow Yun Fat and his wife Jasmine Tang has inspired many people. Jasmine Tan is the figure behind Chow Yun Fat’s success in the global entertainment industry.

Jasmine Tan is not only a wife, but also her husband’s manager. This woman, nicknamed “Insanely Rich Singaporean”, organizes and coordinates all of Chow Yun Fat’s work schedules.

Reported Janestar, The couple got married in 1987. Both have remained childless since Jasmine Tan suffered a miscarriage 29 years ago.

Love story of Chow Yun Fat and Jasmine Tang

Before marrying Jasmine Tan, Chow Yun-Fat was in a relationship with artist Idi Chan. He was also married to Candice Yu for nine months.

The lack of love relationships caused Chow Yun Fat to lose faith in marriage. This 65-year-old actor has even said he won’t marry Jasmine Tan while he’s dating.

Jasmine also once considered Chow Yun Fat an ordinary friend. This 60-year-old woman initially had a bad impression of her husband. Although he finds him charming, he hears many negative rumors about the movie star. Better Tomorrow this, Mother.

Jasmine’s behavior caught the attention of Chow Yun Fat. He then took the initiative and tried to approach her for two years. The Hong Kong actor even wrote love letters and often took Jasmine for a walk.

Chow Yun Fat’s persistence finally paid off. The two of them had an affair and were in the public eye at the time.

Jasmine Tang sacrificed a lot by dating Chow Yun Fat. Moreover, given her figure, she is the daughter of a wealthy Singaporean businessman. When he was in a relationship with Chow Yun Fat, this actor was not very popular.

It is known that Jasmine Tan left her life in Singapore to be able to accompany her boyfriend on filming in different countries. In 1986, he even flew to New York, accompanying Chow Yun Fat on the set. autumn fairy tale.

During a break from filming, Chow Yun-Fat finally worked up the courage to propose to Jasmine. He suddenly said, “Why don’t we get married?” The next day, the couple actually got married in New York, without rings, flowers or extravagant parties.

Personality of Jasmine Tang

While dating, Jasmine receives a lot of scorn that criticizes her appearance. Many consider him unsuitable to be side by side with Chow Yun Fat.

Chow Yun Fat immediately reacted to this mockery. The actor, who was born on Hong Kong’s Lamma Island, has been a strong defender of Jasmine.

“I met a lot of beautiful women, watched them until they became mediocre. Now I choose a girl based on her inner beauty,” said Chow Yun Fat.

Most likely, Chow Yun Fat fell in love with Jasmine because of her demeanor and gentleness. Jasmine Tan once called herself an ordinary woman and never considered herself to be upper class.

“Miss Tang has a good temperament and is very gentle. She always listens carefully to what her husband says. Chow Yun Fat has found an extraordinary woman,” Chow Yun Fat’s friends said.

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