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The first reactions to Oppenheimer are in…

oppenheimerthe new blockbuster Principledirector Christopher Nolan, premiered in Paris. Can the dramatic film cope with Barbie To measure? The first answers are already there.

Passing the 19 and 20 respectively Barbie in oppenheimer premiered in the Netherlands. Two great blockbusters, between which the contrast could hardly have been greater. Something to which both studios and theaters are responding intelligently: many locations have double feature they’re on the schedule, so you can watch both movies back to back.

Barbie vs. Oppenheimer

Funny, funny, but is it worth it? Both movies have an all-star cast you name it, and a movie budget and marketing campaign that invests many hundreds of millions of dollars. Unfortunately, that doesn’t guarantee that the final product will turn out well.

That Greta Gerwig too Barbie will hit the mark became clear earlier this week, after the film had its world premiere. He first reactions in that film, the level crossings were positive. From the sets and costumes to Ryan Gosling’s performance in particular: the critics continue to rave about it.

special premiere

Now there is also Christopher Nolans. oppenheimer released Interesting detail: for a special reason, the film made its world debut at the ninety-year-old Grand Rex Theater in Paris.

That is the only cinema that opened in 2000 Memory wanted to show, the movie that Nolan broke through with. That the director specifically chose that cinema for oppenheimer to show for the first time, it is therefore a wonderful case of ‘the circle is complete’.

Critics’ first reactions

All very well, but what did the critics present think? We can immediately reassure you: also in the case of oppenheimer they are deeply impressed. The nearly three-hour drama has been called a “bold” and “spectacular” performance by critics. In fact, The Los Angeles Times mentions oppenheimer “Perhaps Nolan’s most impressive work to date.”

In doing so, journalist Kenneth Turan makes a point we often see coming back from other critics: that this time Nolan balances his well-known visual bombast with “one of the deeper character dives in the recent history of American cinema. That deep and emotional component is not always the strongest side of his work.

waiting for real reviews

Well, you can check out a collection of first reactions below. Therefore, the film will be released in Dutch cinemas on July 20. In America you can go from July 21 oppenheimer. Sometime on or just before that date, you can expect the first full reviews, and with them, a Rotten Tomatoes score. Initial reactions are almost always much more positive than final reviews, but everything points to Christopher Nolan truly delivering a gem. To be continue!

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The first reactions to Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer are in…

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