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Director: David Fincher | Script: Alexis Nolent, David Fincher | Cast: Michael Fassbinder (The Killer), Tilda Swinton (The Expert), Charles Parnell (The Lawyer – Hodges), ea | Time to play: 118 minutes | Year: 2023

Fincher is back. After an excursion into black and white with Lack his latest is bathed as usual in distant yellow and blue tones. The twisted human brain, a constant factor in Fincher’s work, is once again central. Hitman The Killer views assassination by order as a craft that can only be maintained with the right lifestyle, work ethic, and music. But that even the most experienced assassins make mistakes is evident in a perfectly constructed opening. It’s a shame that from then on Fincher works so routinely and calculatingly as his central antihero.

After a botched job, The Killer must use all his skills to protect his loved one. We’re supposed to accept The Killer’s desire to get revenge for the severe assault on his girlfriend, but Fincher barely bothers to make us believe in the unconditional love they have for each other. Fincher spends a lot of time understanding his main character, but the rest is left a little uncomfortable. A supporting role for more than ten minutes of gameplay would have been a welcome change.

Who Fassbender previously saw in films like Prometheus in Pity He knows he puts on a serious face like no other. Although he gives a solid performance, it doesn’t seem like the actor is being challenged much. The same goes for Tilda Swinton, but she manages to elevate herself to the climax of the film in just a few minutes with her white hair and unapproachable charm of hers. A position shared with the electronic score by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. It’s almost a shame that Fincher bothers her music with an unnecessary Smiths marathon.

More than in Fincher’s previous works, the focus is primarily on style, which certainly doesn’t go amiss. In a thrilling choreography of violence, The Killer confronts The Brute. Few action scenes will match this energy this year. The fact that The Killer’s ‘stick to the plan’ mantra and his actual actions have not been in sync for some time hints that he is slowly starting to soften and his nihilism is turning into compassion. all gear. He produces a weak moralistic ending.

It reportedly took Fincher sixteen years to realize his passion project. The murderer. For the director who gave us iconic films like se7en in The social network The end result is somewhat disappointing. Fincher really colors between the lines really well here. The clever opening titles say it all; This is premium content for the Netflix catalog. much more than Lack that was anyway. But it cannot be denied that The murderer you can see it well.

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