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War film studio John Wick comes to Dutch cinema

Fans of the best war movies and John Wick movies will be at your beck and call. One of the best war movies of this year keeps coming to Dutch cinemas.

The fourth John Wick was another spectacular roller coaster. Director Chad Stahelski served the fans at his beck and call with no less than 169 minutes of nearly non-stop fighting (fire) in Japan, Germany and Paris. That knew more? Then you can already see the launch of the Wick series the mainland on his agenda, and there is also a spin-off with none other than Ana de Armas on the agenda. No, for now you are not from John Wick and company. off. Good thing, too.

Sisu: John Wick Studio War Movie

In the meantime, there is also another movie that you are sure to love, from the same team. So we are talking about Content, a war movie we wrote about in February, from the studio behind the John Wick movies. The film had a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes at the time. Since then, a few percentage points have been cut, but with a score of 95 percent can Content it is still absolutely a top film. In fact, the Lionsgate blockbuster even tops it. John Wick: Chapter 4.

one man hit squad

Director Jalmari Helander transports you to World War II. We follow a lone gold prospector on a grueling journey back to his home in Northern Finland. However, the Nazis throw a monkey wrench into the works: they steal the gold from him. Easy prey, they think, but suddenly it turns out that the old man is not just a miner.

Yep, here’s the John Wick factor: the prospector is, according to Sisu’s official synopsis, a “one-man hit squad, an ex-commando who will go to any length to get his gold back.” What follows is a roller coaster of gory violence, accurately portrayed as in the Wick movies. In fact, Helander goes a bit further in his direction than action movies with Keanu Reeves.

The best scores of a superior cast

We are always ready for mindless action, but Content therefore, it’s not your typical cheap B-movie that relies solely on its violence. With a maximum score of 96 percent on Rotten Tomatoes after more than 150 reviews, it’s simply an excellent film. The film’s cast takes the war movie to the next level, including Jorma Tommila (rare exports), Aksel Hennie (the martian), Jack Doolan (Boys), Onni Tommila (Great game) in Mimosa Willamo (bodom lake).

Still Dutch movie release!

Then you ask yourself: why do you write again? Content? We have a great reason for that. Last time we reported that no Dutch cinema release was unfortunately planned. That has now changed, because starting August 3 you can simply watch the spectacular war movie from the studio behind John Wick at your local theater. Sure, Content It’s also available digitally, but these types of action movies really hit the big screen with a bit more force. Go see that!

Studio Lionsgate Sisu John Wick war film
???? (Image: Lionsgate)

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Tough War John Wick film studio coming to Dutch cinema

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