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Director John Wick Achieves No. 1 Netflix Hit With Action Movie

The director behind the John Wick movies scored a #1 hit on Netflix with his most recent action movie: Bullet train.

We could hardly believe it either, but it’s been four years since John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum he left. Absurd. A gaping hole, in which we certainly missed the hard-hitting action of the film series. Sure, the franchise meanwhile has many imitators but it’s not the same without Keanu Reeves.

2023: the year of John Wick

Fortunately, this great absence is more than compensated this year. First of all, the fourth Wick movie will be released on March 24. John Wick: Chapter 4. We recently got to see the first trailer. The character of Keanu Reeves was declared excommunicated by the High tableAnd now he’s looking for revenge.

A spin-off starring Ana de Armas as a hitman is also planned. However, it doesn’t stop there: the studio behind the popular franchise is also working on an entire television series, which will take place around the world, with the Continental hotel chain from the films as the background.

Netflix Introduces Sweetener

So we still owe all those projects. Luckily, Netflix has a great sweetener lined up for you earlier this month. So we are talking about Bullet trainan action movie to which you say.

The link between Bullet train and John Wick is also more direct than you might think. Both movies (franchises) are directed by David Leitch, a former stuntman and Hollywood’s favorite when it comes to tough action. With that Bullet train an extremely entertaining warm-up exercise for the fourth John Wick movie.

Spectacular action pays off

The new Netflix addition hit theaters last year and is set on a Japanese high-speed train. Several passengers discover that they are all assassins, that they are also heading to the same destination, with the same objective. Mutual tension soon builds, resulting in spectacular action scenes.

we will not go to the rest the spoiler, but with David Leitch in the lead and big names like Brad Pitt, Aaron Taylor Johnson, and Brian Tyree Henry starring, you know you’re in for a rollercoaster of popcorn movies. At 7.3 on IMDb and 54 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s Bullet train He’s not much of an aviator, but you probably won’t knock on Leitch’s door looking for Oscar material either.

The brutal action alone makes his latest movie worth watching. And you are not alone: Bullet train It’s only been on Netflix since February 1st, but it’s already in the top 10 most watched movies in the Netherlands. Get on that train, let’s say!

Netflix slammed the director of John Wick Bullet Train
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Director John Wick Lands No. 1 Hit On Netflix With New Action Movie

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