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Transformers director in trouble over murdered pigeon

Michael Bay is in trouble. He transformersdirector has been dogged by a lawsuit for five years, a matter of principle. Baantjer Bay and the pigeon killed in Italy.

from the original bad boys to a bombing transformersMovies: Michael Bay has been offering pure popcorn movies for decades. Blast jobs and lots special effects. American adrenaline instead of sophistication, let’s say.

back to 6 underground

Unfortunately, sometimes something goes wrong during the recording of that whole show. And this time we’re not talking about a stuntman who breaks a leg or budgets that are exceeded. No, we are talking about a pigeon.

We take you to 2018, when the pandemic was still pure fiction, a movie script. Movies like Bay would make them. In that year, the director and producer was busy filming 6 undergroundan action movie for and from Netflix.

Bad movie and murdered pigeon.

The final film was a bit too silly even for Bay’s making. 36 percent on rotten tomatoes and 6.1 on IMDb say it all. Still, the entire Michael Bay project will be remembered for a long time.

It is said that a pigeon died during the recordings. The poor beast would have fatally come into contact with a dolly, a camera on wheels. Someone on the set would have taken photos of him, with all the consequences.

"6 UNDERGROUND" (2019) - Pictured: Ryan Reynolds Photo by: Christian Black/Courtesy of Netflix
6 underground (Picture: Netflix)

Where they would not be surprised by such an incident elsewhere, they think differently in Italy. Pigeons enjoy special protection under Italian law. It is simply illegal to hurt them, catch them and especially kill them.

A matter of principle for Michael Bay

Although Michael Bay was not behind the camera in question, Italian police hold him responsible. And how. Bay and his team have been arguing with the Italian authorities for five years. They have already tried three times to get the case dismissed, without success.

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For the director, it is mainly a matter of principle. According to him, the whole incident simply never happened: “I’m a well-known animal lover and a big animal activist,” he said. “No animal involved in the production was injured. Or in another production in which I have worked for the last thirty years.

dragging lawsuit

In fact, by paying a small fine, the filmmaker could put all this mess behind him. “I refuse to do that because I’m not going to plead guilty to hurting an animal,” Bay said. “We have clear video evidence, a large number of witnesses and security agents that exonerates us, and they also refute the only paparazzi photo of him, a photo that paints the wrong picture.”

The result? Something that would hardly make news and could have ended with a mini-fine will end up in court after five years. “There is a pending trial, so I cannot go into details, but I am convinced that we will move forward if I can give my opinion in court,” sums up the director himself.

Look after!

So be careful during your next vacation in Italy. Before you know it, a pigeon will follow you for five years. While we wait for the outcome of the curious case, check out the killer trailer for Michael Bay’s upcoming Transformers movie: rise of beasts.

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Transformers director in trouble over murdered pigeon

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