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7 Delicious Netflix Sneakers Hit by Jonah Hill and Where to Buy Them

How many laughs did you count while watching the new Netflix hit? Your people? and how many kicks These are the most beautiful shoes in the movie and where you can find them.

With a cast like Jonah Hill and Eddie Murphy, it was almost impossible to go wrong. Still, a good rendition of comedy. Your people It has been on the top scaffolding of the most viewed movies on Netflix worldwide for days.

But just as striking as the Netflix stars taking part in the film are the sneakers around their feet. Or would you rather wear modern walking shoes?

You People sneakers and where to buy them

jonah hill walked in Your people seen multiple times on some classics, including a pair of Nikes that kick off this list.

Supreme x Nike SB Dunk Low

The collaboration between Supreme and Nike resulted in these beautiful sneakers, which were launched on the market in 2021.

But the Supreme Stars Hyper Royals are already considered one a collector’s itemespecially because of the Netflix movie Your people. Price: 573 euro

Air Jordan 1 Lucky Green

No, they are not the same sneakers as the Heineken x Nike ones.

But I hope you are as lucky as Lauren London and find the love of your life in him. Price: 245 euro

Off-White x Nike Dunk Low Bundle

I need new sneakers for the first date like in Your people?

Jonah Hill has found the right shoe for you to make the perfect first impression. And for the ladies: these Gucci sneakers Lauren London wears on Netflix & Chill’s date with the Very badactor (price: 825 euros). Price: 579 euros

The Air Jordan 1 SRGN North Pole Chicago

Visit the Kulture sneaker store (in real life, the haute couture-winkel Only one eye on hollywood) bright red glitter Jordans immediately catch the eye.

And also the price by the way. Price: 5,000 euros

adidas yeezy boost 700 in flaming amber

Try Not to Fire Up at Yeezy and adidas Enflame Amber Sneakers, Despite That Kanye West’s name is attached..

They are still stylish shoes, like Your people shows Price: 284 euro

UNDEFEATED x Nike Kobe 5 Protro

Like Shannon Sharpe from the sports show UNDEFEATED, Jonah Hill is a huge fan of the LA Lakers. You’ll also find the Netflix star frequently next to the fieldyelling and ranting at the opponent.

And with the collab sneakers on your feet, you’ll always remain undefeated. Price: 316 euro

Sean Wotherspoon x Nike Air Max 1/97

If you and your other half wear these shoes like Jonah Hill and Lauren London in the Netflix hit Your peopleno one can say that you are an ANWB couple.

That’s what these Nike shoes are top designer sean wotherspoon too cool for that. Price: €1,251

We are all dead sneakers

Also take a look at these eight wonderful sneakers thanks to the popular Netflix series. we are all dead like hot bread flew over the counter.

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7 Delicious Netflix Sneakers Hit by Jonah Hill and Where to Buy Them

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