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Giant movie flop is now a big hit on Disney+

Plot Twist: The Floppy Movie Strange world it has become a mega hit on Disney+. The animated movie even has Avatar defeated.

New Disney CEO Bob Chapek was able to pack up his things late last year after just two years at the helm of the mega company. His predecessor, Bob Iger, temporarily returns aboard to save the ship.

disney in crisis

The animation side of Disney in particular cheered on Twitter. Chapek, the CEO of a company that grew up on animated films, isn’t exactly a fan of the medium. in a controversial interview the CEO even hinted that animated movies are purely for kids.

Unfortunately, they weren’t just controversial comments. He also made movies like Luke in Go ahead they skipped the theater and were thrown straight into Disney+, much to the dismay of the teams that had worked on those movies for years.

strange world failed

now they can entertainers breathe easy. The cap is gone. However, the fallout can still be felt on the animation front. Strange World was released in theaters last November. Normally, a new Disney animated movie is a big event. The House of Mouse takes care of that: few companies are as good at starting the marketing machine.

the adventure movie Strange world received little or no treatment. When the animated movie hit Disney+ on December 23, you probably thought, “Funny, what kind of movie is this?” In other words, even if you wanted to check it out at the theater, you couldn’t have done it because you didn’t know the movie existed. The entire marketing budget seems to be in Light-year to be pumped. Did Disney bet on the wrong horse?

Whether it’s Chapek’s fault or not, the consequences are huge. Strange world it grossed just $18.6 million during its extra-long opening weekend in theaters, which was expected to gross between $30 and $40 million. Oh. Analysts expect Disney to lose at least $100 million on the entire project.

Most watched movie on Disney+

Good all those numbers and (lack of) promotion, but that says nothing about the movie itself. Fortunately, because Strange world Definitely deserves a second chance. And that’s what the movie did. Despite the lousy film results, the animated film has been the most watched movie on Disney+ for days. Even Avatar and a live concert of the animated film Charmboth top scorers, had to leave the field in recent days.

On Charm spoken: that animated film also did relatively poorly in theaters, but after a release on Disney+ it became a huge success, with a cultural impact that you can compare carefully with that of Frozen. The story of Strange world So it’s not over yet, and that’s a good thing.

Disney+ #1 Animated Movie Strange World Movie Flop
(Image: Disney)

feast for the eyes

The film is, to begin with, a feast for the eyes. Animators flex all their animation.muscles, and that produces beautiful images. The adventure film is something of a constant technical demonstration of everything the studio has learned about 3D animation over the decades.

In terms of story, the movie, which is about a family of explorers, is less appealing. Not much wrong with that though Strange world It cannot match its predecessors in terms of story. It’s all pretty generic. The result is a score of 72 percent on rotten tomatoes. Ok, decent, but not fantastic.

Easy peasy

In other words: the perfect movie to light up at home on Disney+. You already pay for a subscription anyway, so be amazed by the beautiful pictures and a great story. easy peasy. Many preceded you, if we are to believe the Disney+ Top 10. pass them on!

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Giant movie flop is now a big hit on Disney+

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