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Glass Onion director launches series full of new murder mysteries

Rian Johnson treats fans shortly after glass onion in a new series of murder mysteries, starring an actress who appeared briefly in the second Knives Out film. meet Poker face.

glass onion kept the mood busy last month. From Daniel Craig’s striking accent to the hidden clues director Rian Johnson has cleverly hidden in his Netflix original.

Rian Johnson in Crystal Onion

In any case, it gave Netflix great success. It is the fourth most-watched movie on the streaming service in history. At least, if you look purely at the originals. In any case, the bigwigs will be relieved – only Craig gets nothing less than according to the movie Knives Out 50 million dollars, much more than he earned per film as James Bond. So a sizeable investment.

Have glass onion Have you seen it yet and are you hungry for more (murder) mysteries? Then, of course, you can immediately watch the first Knives Out movie, which is secretly much better than the second and is also available on Netflix.

Kenneth Branagh’s adaptations of Agatha Christie are also often tipped. They are on Disney+. Mainly Murder on the Orient Express is highly recommended, with a stellar cast that can easily compete with that of glass onion.

Poker Face Series rian Johnson Knives Out Glass Onion
? (Image: peacock)

Poker Face: More Murder Mysteries

All very well, too glass oniondirector and brain Rian Johnson has more mysteries waiting for you soon. In wonderful timing, the first four episodes will premiere next Thursday, January 26. Poker face of.

That’s a new Johnson series starring Natasha Lyonne. Lyonne, who you probably know Russian doll of orange is the new black She plays Charlie Cade, a woman on the run from a mob boss. She also seems to be haunted by a curse, because wherever she goes she is met with murder mysteries. Murder cases full of familiar faces that need to be solved. Adrien Brody, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Ron Perlman, among others, star in the first season, which runs for ten episodes in total.

links to the film

The link to Knives Out is obvious. Of course, has officially Poker face nothing to do with the Netflix franchise, but the first trailer clearly shows the fact that both franchises come from Rian Johnson. In fact, at the beginning of glass onion It’s Daniel Craig’s Benoit Blanc on a video call with… Lyonne, who stars in this new series.

it also rotates Poker face What glass onion for murder mysteries, murder cases. Saltstar Lil Rel Howery recently described the show as a classic detective novelseries, with each episode focusing on a new case. Add to that the wonderful ’70s soundtrack from the trailer and you have an intriguing total package for Knives Out fans.

Wednesday-ster is Harley Quinn in new series about The Joker

Thumbs up for the Netherlands

hopefully i can Poker face compete with Rian Johnson movies. We will know from January 26. From then on, the first four episodes of the series will be available in the United States on Peacock, a streaming service owned by SkyShowtime in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this article, it is still not clear if Poker face it will also be released immediately on that date in the Netherlands. To be continue!

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Glass Onion director launches series full of new murder mysteries

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