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What ten roles made Jamie Lee Curtis the queen of the screen?

Jamie Lee Curtis has had many great roles. In addition to, for example, her guest role as Donna on Bearor her iconic interpretation of Laurie Strode in the Hallowe’enfranchise, Curtis has done much more.

10. Dad and Them (2001)

in the comic daddy and them beginning in 2001, Curtis plays the supporting role of Elaine.

The story revolves around Claude (Billy Bob Thornton) and Julia (Brenda Blethyn), an insecure and jealous couple who are reunited with their extended family in Arkansas when Claude’s uncle (Jim Varney) is arrested for attempted murder.

Elaine and her husband Lawrence (Ben Affleck) are lawyers. The hatred they express towards each other is so over the top that it becomes hilarious.

9. Freaky Friday (2003)

Curtis and Lindsay Lohan were a golden duo in fantasy comedy. i miss friday from 2003.

Curtis plays Tess, a therapist struggling with her rebellious teenage daughter, Anna.

After reading a magical fortune cookie, an earthquake occurs and the two wake up in each other’s bodies.

8. Commercial Places (1983)

Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy star in the lead roles trading places.

A comedy about two men with different social and economic status who are the object of a bet in which they have to change lives.

Curtis plays Ophelia, a prostitute who helps Winthorpe (Akyroyd) in his new life as a beggar and con man.

7. Road Games (1981)

road games is an Australian thriller in which Curtis plays the role of Pamela.

A hitchhiker who travels with Quid (Stacy Keach) and discusses the existence of a serial killer in town.

Pamela embarks on a wild ride as she and Quid try to catch the serial killer.

Curtis’ experience in previous horror movies is evident in her portrayal of a scared Pamela.

although road games didn’t really do well, Curtis was praised by critics and fans alike for her performance.

6. Everything everywhere at the same time (2022)

Everything everywhere at once is a unique story told in a strange, exciting and genre-transcending way.

The absurdist comedy-drama/sci-fi film won seven Academy Awards after 11 nominations, including Best Picture. Curtis plays Deirdre, a surly IRS inspector.

However, in an alternate universe, she is a skilled and ruthless fighter who makes life miserable for main character Evelyn (Michelle Yeoh) in a very different way.

5. New Girl (2012-2018)

Jamie Lee Curtis was one of several famous guest stars on New Girl, along with names like Gordon Ramsay and Prince.

The sitcom follows Jess, who moves in with three eccentric single men in a shared apartment after a breakup.

Over time, Nick, Schmidt, Winston and Jess become good friends and live their professional and personal lives together.

Curtis played Joan, Jess’s mother, who has the same positive and childlike outlook on the world as her daughter.

4. A Fish Called Wanda (1988)

One of Curtis’s first roles was in A fish named Wanda. In this 1988 comedy, Curtis plays the charming con artist Wanda.

Two mobsters named George and Ken recruit Wanda to join them in their big jewelry heist, but she decides to double cross them after the heist is successful.

From that moment on everything starts to get out of control.

Curtis miraculously captures Wanda’s coldness as she cheats on her partners and is even willing to betray her lover.

3. Halloween (1978)

Although his performance in the last Hallowe’enThe 2018 movie is great too, Curtis’ performance in the original installment of the iconic slasher franchise is even better.

In Hallowe’en Starting in 1978, fans meet the notorious murderer Michael Myers, slowly prowling around wearing a mask. And his sister Laurie Strode, played by Curtis.

2. Knives Out (2019)

knives out is a hilarious murder mystery movie with a great cast.

Curtis is in good company with talented colleagues like Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Daniel Craig, and the late Christopher Plummer.

When a wealthy crime writer is found dead at his 85th birthday party, relatives must stay home for investigation and questioning.

Curtis plays Linda beautifully: constantly frustrated, outbursts of anger, and a lot of teeth gnashing.

1. The bear

In an interview about the second season of The Bear, Jamie Lee Curtis said that she “I knew immediately that I had to play Donna”.

His passion is clearly reflected in his playing. Although the actress only appears in two episodes of the second season, Curtis steals the spotlight from her, especially in the flashback episode. “fish”.

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