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7 great Hollywood actors and their forgotten little roles

Almost all of the illustrious careers of Hollywood’s greatest stars have once begun early and uncertain. A commercial here, a clear table there; fighting over tiny crumbs, they gratefully accepted every drop from the film industry. These are seven world-famous actors you never recognized in insignificant roles.

Sometimes the biggest stars seem to shine in the Hollywood sky for centuries. And while the name is certainly common, not everyone is named Will Smith. Some actors have had to toil in the background for years before landing a career-launching role.

Great Hollywood actors in small roles

The expertly compiled list includes four seemingly timeless firsts, joined by three Hollywood actors who have been on screen for a few years. The commercials do not count, only the real ones such as movies and series make the selection.

Johnny Depp – Squad (1986)

hollywood, johnny depp, platoon
(Image: Orion Images)

Unfortunately, almost all of her significant scenes with Willem Dafoe were cut by Oliver Stone. As Private Lerner, young Johnny Depp occasionally appears in the background of the Vietnam epic. Platoon.

Brad Pitt-Dallas (1987-88)

hollywood, dallas, brad pitt
(Image: Lorimar Productions)

Even before his humble discovery in Thelma and LuisaBrad Pitt already had a small role as Randy in four episodes of Dallas. The soap opera was one of the most popular series of the 1980s, but not a dog the global star knew at the time.

Joaquin Phoenix – Fatherhood (1989)

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(Image: Universal)

When the brother of the lamented River was still known as Leaf Phoenix, he already demonstrated his talent in Paternity with comedy legend Steve Martin. Who else plays in it? A young Keanu Reeves with his Hollywood pal here.

Pedro Pascal – Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1999)

Pedro Pascal is a centipede. Which resulted in the leading role of drug traffickers, the mandalorian in The last of usonce started off in one episode as a teenage crush on buffy the vampire slayer.

Tom Hardy – Band of Brothers (2001)

We will return to the battlefield. The first time the world was able to see Tom Hardy was thanks to his bare rear, during a scene from the legendary series. Brothers band.

Adam Driver – Lincoln (2012)

Like Kylo-Ren in the last Star Warstrilogy and protagonist the last duel, gucci house in marriage story he has scaled the top of Hollywood several times. But did you also recognize the actor alongside then-Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis? Not bad, all Adam Driver scenes in lincoln Taken together, this equates to less than a minute and a half of screen time.

Timothée Chalamet – Homeland (2012)

hollywood, homeland, timothee chalamet
(Image: Showtime)

You could admire the locks of the current godson of Hollywood and Apple more than a decade ago. In Homeland Timothée Chalamet played the spoiled boyfriend of the daughter of retired soldier Nicholas Brody.

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7 great Hollywood actors and their forgotten little roles

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