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These 12 actors fought with Pedro Pascal for the role of The Last of Us

Despite having only one episode of the HBO Max series behind us, we dare The last of us He can already be called one of the biggest trendsetters of 2023. And not in the least thanks to a very strong Pedro Pascal. But did you know that 12 other famous Hollywood actors competed for the role of Joel?

Pedro Pascal has been on both the big screen and the small screen lately. After starring in the Star Wars series the mandalorianwhose third season is about to appear on Disney+, in case it drug traffickersThe star also donned the ‘viral’ jacket of Joel Miller, the main character of The last of us.

By now, hardly anyone can imagine another actor starring in the HBO Max hit. But not long ago, Pedro Pascal had to compete for the coveted role with twelve other famous Hollywood stars who were also being considered by HBO Max.

Hollywood actors for the role of Pedro Pascal

According to IMDb twelve actors who undoubtedly went to yesterday’s premiere with regret The last of us Has watched.

Keanu Reeves

pickup truck Matrix until john wick, Keanu Reeves already has a ton of big projects under his belt. But due to his busy schedule, he had to say no to HBO Max in advance for the role of Joel Miller in The last of us.

pedro pascal, the last of us, keanu reeves
(Image: Lionsgate)

Chris Hemsworth

The Marvel hero who plays Thor obviously has all the necessary physical and mental abilities to take down hordes of zombies without any problem. Unfortunately, Chris Hemsworth was forced to hit the pause button on his acting career after discovering an increased risk of Alzheimer’s.

pedro pascal, the last of us, chris hemsworth
(Image: Centr App)

hugh jackman

Post-apocalyptic settings are not a problem for the Australian actor. In X-Men: Days of Future Past Hugh Jackman returned as the legendary Wolverine, in a future where mutants fight for survival from the murderous Sentinels. Most likely, he could be in the main role. The last of us can’t get rid of Pedro Pascal, as he returns alongside Ryan Reynolds as Logan/Wolverine in Deadpool 3.

pedro pascal, the last of us, hugh jackman
(Image: Disney)

michael fassbender

Michael Fassbender has played characters who, like Joel Miller, have suffered great losses. Think of Magneto X Men: Apocalypse. But the German left the world of cinema in 2019 to make his dream come true and pursue his great passion: autoracen.

pedro pascal, the last of us, michael fassbender
(Image: Twentieth Century Fox)


Jon Hamm rose to fame after playing Don Draper on the series. Crazy men. But now the Pedro Pascal competitor has added a whole range of roles to his laundry list. In 2017 we saw him as a bank robber baby driver and one of his last roles was that of Vice Admiral Cyclone in Top Gun: Maverick. In other words, she didn’t have time to spare for HBO Max and starring in The last of us.

pedro pascal, the last of us, jon hamm
(Image: AMC)

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy has already dealt with organisms that can alter the human body. In Poison in poison 2 Hardy plays reporter Eddie Brock, who becomes a host to a parasitic “symbiont” called Venom. And with Mad Max he also has apocalyptic experience. But like most of the Hollywood stars on this list, Hardy has a hectic schedule right now. the recordings for poison 3 they are in full swing.

pedro pascal, the last of us, tom hardy
(Image: Warner Bros.)

Harrison Ford

pickup truck Bounty hunter until Star Wars, Harrison Ford is a master of catastrophic futures. But because the Hollywood legend focused on Indiana Jones and the dial of fatecould not resist Pedro Pascal in the battle for the leading role of The last of us.

pedro pascal, the last of us, harrison ford
(Image: Lucasfilm)

Gerard Butler

In 300 Gerard Butler proved that he possesses the strength and skills necessary for an action-packed HBO Max series like The last of us. But the actor of Scottish origin brings this year extreme alert in which he plays a commercial pilot who has to fly passengers to safety after their plane is severely damaged in a storm.

Gerard Butler, The Last of Us, Pedro Pascal
(Image: Open Road Films)

port david

In the last season of Strange things David Harbor made it clear that he can defeat any strange creature, no matter what world it hails from. But Pedro Pascal was a size too big for him to pit for the lead role in the HBO Max hit. The last of us.

port of david, pedro pascal, the last of us
(Picture: Netflix)

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These 12 actors fought with Pedro Pascal for the role of The Last of Us

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