These 3 actors are stone age but still acting in movies.

Of course, there are quite a few actors walking around Hollywood, but the three names below are in a category of their own. These legends have been around for quite some time and are still performing at a very old age. Look who it is below.

Clint Eastwood
We start this list with the living legend Clint Eastwood. The actor made his film debut as early as 1955. Francis in the Navy. However, it was not a real success. Eastwood made his way into the western genre a few years later, making him a true icon.

Eastwood became world famous thanks to the legendary a fistful of dollars in 1964, his first collaboration with director Sergio Leone. The two worked together again a year later. For a few dollars more and again in 1966 The good, the bad and the ugly.

However, it doesn’t stop there. Eastwood also had success in other films, such as Dirty Harryof which no less than 5 were made between 1971 and 1988. He also began directing.

He himself has made more than twenty-five films. The biggest hits are probably unforgivable in million dollar Baby. He won the coveted gold statuette for best director for both films. In many movies that he did, he also played the lead role. Eastwood is now 92 years old, but still busy.

Morgan Freeman
However, Freeman broke through a bit later. He started out as a dancer, but later decided to focus on acting. This turned out to be a great success. Especially from the eighties he was seen more and more in the cinema. The real big break for him came in 1987 with street smart. For this she received her first Oscar nomination.

From then on everything went smoothly. Two years later, she was seen again in the Oscar-winning film. Driving Miss Daisy. That same year she also starred in Glory in Lean on Me3 very different roles, all 3 of which received critical acclaim.

the 90s
The 1990s saw Freeman perhaps even more successful. he was seen in the Shawshank Redemption in se7en, which are often cited as two of the greatest movies of all time. In the early 2000s, she again got one of the leading roles in million dollar Baby. Thanks to her starring role, she finally won her first Oscar.

Anthony Hopkins
Sir Anthony Hopkins certainly belongs on this list. His first film appeared in 1967, called A flea in his ear. From then on, the actor had roles on the line. The legendary Hopkins has made dozens of films, but probably his greatest successes remain The silence of the lambs in 1991 and recently The fatherwhich came out in 2020. He won an Oscar for both leading roles.

Hopkins is considered one of the best actors of his generation. Therefore, it is not surprising that during his acting career he also played the role of many historical figures. He just think of Richard Nixon, Alfred Hitchcock, Freddy Heineken, Pope Benedict XVI and even Adolf Hitler. He also played various fictional characters such as Quasimodo, Hannibal Lecter, Zorro, and Odin.

In addition to his film career, Hopkins also spends time supporting various philanthropic causes. He is also a great music lover and composer. He has even collaborated several times with André Rieu. In 2011, the Maastricht-born Rieu even recorded a Hopkins waltz.

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