9 Korean movies to watch that are sad and tear-draining

Industry movie korea always attracts attention. Korean films of various genres and plots are in high demand. Don’t miss the sad must-see Korean movies.

The following films can evoke emotions in the audience, ranging from the premise, the plot, to the performance of the players. Sadly, some of these films also contain elements comedy so that it can entertain you while watching.

If you’re looking for a must-see sad Korean movie, check out the recommendations below.

1. A memorable moment (2004)


A moment to remember
Illustration. Korean must-watch movies that are sad and tear-draining, one of which is “Moment of Remembrance” (Photo: CJ Entertainment)


The first must-see Korean movie with a sad theme is A Moment to Remember. This film is about a woman named Kim Soo Jin who meets a foreman named Choi Chul Soo.

Kim then fell in love with Choi and they eventually got married. Unfortunately, Kim is known to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. Prepare tissues if you watch this movie because you may cry while watching it.

2. Wedding dress (2010)

The Wedding Dress is a movie that also has the ability to drain viewers’ tears. This film tells the story of a single mother named Ko Un who is diagnosed with cancer.

However, he hid his illness from his family, including his 9-year-old daughter Seo Ra. For the rest of his life, Ko Un is determined to design a princess wedding dress when that special day arrives.

3. Hello Ghost (2010)

This next movie is a comedy genre called Hello Ghost. This movie tells the story of a man named Sang Man who can see ghosts after he tries to commit suicide.

Hello Ghost is able to cause a storm of emotions in the audience and shed tears.

4. Miracle in the cell No.7 (2013)


Miracle in Cell Number 7 (2013)
Illustration. Korean must-watch movies that are sad and tear-draining, one of which is “Miracle in Cell Number 7” (Photo: CL Entertainment via Imdb)


Miracle in cell No.7 is a movie that can drain viewers’ tears. This film, which was released in 2013, is about a father named Lee Young Gu who suffers from mental retardation.

One day, he is accused of murdering and sexually abusing the child of a police commissioner. Because of this, he had to be detained and separated from his daughter, Ye Seung.

As an adult, Ye Seung became a lawyer and filed an appeal to clear the name of his father, who was in fact innocent.

5. Rape (2016)

The next recommended Korean movie to watch is Canola. This film tells the story of a grandmother who lives with her granddaughter in the countryside.

However, during a visit to the market, they split up in the crowd. Grandmother has been looking for her grandson for years.

6. On the wedding day (2018)

“On the Wedding Day” is a film that tells the story of two young people named Woo Yeon and Seung Hee who met when they were still in high school. However, the relationship came to a standstill because Seung Hee had to move to another city.

This film, released in 2018, is a must-see and ready to dry the tears of the audience.

7. Be with you (2018)

A film called “Be With You” once won first place in box office at its premiere. This film tells the story of husband and wife, Woo-jin and Su-ah.

But his wife Soo-ah died of an illness, and Woo-jin had to raise their son.

8. Kim Ji Young: Born (2019)


Kim Jo Young: born 1982 (2019)
Illustration. Korean must-watch movies that are sad and tear-draining, one of which is “Kim Ji Young: Birth” (Photo: Lotte Cultureworks)


Kim Ji-young: Born is a Korean film that tells the story of a woman named Kim Ji-young who gives up her career to become a mother.

This film shows the point of view of a woman who begins to show a different attitude due to her inner turmoil after living a new life as a wife and housewife.

9. Pawn (2020)

The next film called “Pawn” is also able to make the audience cry. Set in 1993, this film tells the story of a girl named Seung Yi who is used by her parents as collateral for a debt because she has no money.

This forced him to live and be raised by two debt collectors. That’s where the story begins.

These are recommendations for sad Korean movies to watch. Hope this is helpful.

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