7 Recommended Korean Comedies About Life That Are Funny And Meaningful

If you like movies of the comedy genre, do not miss the recommendations Korean comedy film about a life that is not only funny, but also full of meaningful messages.

Even though they are full of messages, these films are full of comedic elements so they are still fun to watch until the end. You will also be entertained because watching this can bring laughter.

There are different types of films action, plays and more. Of course, this provides many viewing options. Here are the recommendations of Korean life comedy movies not to be missed.

1. Welcome to Dongmakgol (2005)


Welcome to Dongmakgol (2005)
Illustration. Recommendations for Korean comedy films about life, one of which is “Welcome to Dongmakgol” (Photo: Film It Suda via Imdb)

Released in 2005, Welcome to Dongmakgol combines comedy and history. This film is set in a fictional village called Dongmakgol during the Korean War.

This Korean comedy film contains fresh humor as well as a story about humanity.

2. Secretly, strongly (2005)

Very Secretly is a film that tells the story of a North Korean spy sent to South Korea. To complete his mission, he disguises himself as a man named Dong Gu, who experiences down syndrome.

The funny character Dong Gu can make the audience laugh. But even though it has a number of funny scenes, the action scenes in this movie are fun to watch. The storyline presented also provides valuable life lessons.

3. The Man Who Was Superman (2008)

A Korean comedy recommendation for the next life called The Man Who Was Superman. This film tells the story of a man who believes himself to be Superman, so he often helps others.

Despite the fact that he has no strength, he never refuses good deeds. This film conveys the idea that doing good is happiness in itself.

4. Hello Ghost (2010)

Hello Ghost is a comedy that will make you laugh but also cry. This film tells the story of a man named Sang Man who tries to commit suicide but fails.

After attempting suicide, he was pursued by four invisible beings. One of the messages contained in this film is how valuable the meaning of life is.

5. Sunshine (2011)

Sunny (2011)
Illustration. Recommended Korean comedy films about life, one of which is Sunny (Photo: CJ Entertainment)


This next Korean film focuses on the theme of friendship. Sunny’s film tells the story of a new student named Im Na Mi who comes from a small town.

Im Na Mi then befriended a group of girls who would often protect her when she was in danger.terrorize. Apart from entertainment, this film also has a meaning about friendship.

6. Miss Granny (2014)

Miss Granny tells the story of a grandmother who goes for a walk to cheer herself up. Along the way, he found a photography studio and entered it.

To amuse himself, he immediately took photographs in his studio. After the photo shoot, the 74-year-old grandmother looked younger.

Even though it is a comedy genre, this Korean film can also move viewers because it is about unfulfilled dreams.

7. Beauty within (2015)

Beauty Inside (2015) doc. CONTENT PANDA
Illustration. Recommendations for Korean comedy films about life, one of which is “The Beauty Within” (Photo: doc. PANDA CONTENT)

Finally, there is a movie called Beauty Within. This film is about a man named Woojin who wakes up every morning with a new body.

As a result of this condition, he was irritated by his own condition. Moreover, Woojin fell in love with a woman.

These are recommendations for Korean comedy films about life. Happy viewing.

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